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Mummies on Mothers Day


imageimageMummies on Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday in the UK. This was one of the few days of the year that some Mothers have a lie in and what did the government do? Why they decided to declare British Summertime. This is the day, when at 1am the clocks are put back one hour to provide daylight saving! Reducing the potential lie in bed by One hour- sorry Mums
As a Mothers Day treat my Grandson was to show me the dinosaurs on display in Liverpool Museum. I had told him that never in all my life had I seen real Dinosaur bones, so this was put right by a trip to this wonderful museum. There are five differently themed floors of displays and artefacts and it is an interesting,fascinating place that is FREE to visit. One of the floors contains dinosaurs and another artifacts from historic Egypt. There are mummies from raided tombs, sarcophagus from ancient Egypt and scary remains from long ago. I must apologies for the photo quality but perhaps it was the curse of the Mummies tomb on Mothers Day……..

Mothering Sunday


My Kitchen WindowMothering Sunday

This week end in the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday. Sadly the tradition was hijacked by our American cousins ( sorry friends but true!) many years ago. It did not used to be the commercialised, gift giving, money making day that it has become. Rant over!
When I was a child and went to Sunday school, yes my parents did try, we used to go to church on this special day. Us children were all given a card by the vicar, which we then took home for our mothers. The cards usually had a religious picture or quotation on them. The card in the picture says:

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent,
Let each think of his or her Mother
And all of our Universal Mother the Church.

And that’s it in a nut shell. Mothering Sunday was a day to celebrate and be grateful for the mother church and our own Mothers. Sadly this philosophy has got lost in time. The card with the quote on was given to me in 1959 and the picture card in1960. I am delighted to say that I have always and still do love my Mum. God Bless!

Community Cafe


Community Cafe

This is a really busy week as I start a Collosal Cake Bake in readiness for next Saturdays Community Cafe. The cafe is in aid of “Help for Heroes” a worthy cause. I already have a coffee and walnut, chocolate sponge and bara brith in my freezer ready and willing to go. If I ask nicely friends will donate their cake and some will help with the washing up.
I’m going to do a few tray bakes as they cut up quite well and are very popular. I will let you know how much I make for the charity, how many cakes we have and how many cakes I eat!

Grandmother,Father and Daughter Embroidered Pictures


I’ve Won The Lottery!


I've Won The Lottery!

On my girly weekend away we purchased a lottery ticket and we WON! Amazing ! There were loud whoops of joy and extra sparkling wine to celebrate. We won the grand total of £168 between five of us. This was wisely re invested into our holiday account to help fund our next trip away. This is my second lucky win in two weeks so I am patiently waiting to report the third. My luck ALWAYS comes in threes! The Airstream caravan has been added to my “when I win the lottery” Pinterest board. I love Pinterest but haven’t yet worked out how to add the button to this blog
It wasn’t a crafty weekend but I did knit a few hexipuffs! So all was not lost! It’s almost impossible to trawl craft venues with a group of girls so I am saving that treat for when I’m on my own.
Blog that I Enjoy
I don’t usually like what I think of as “corporate blogs but this one is well worth a visit
Morris and Sons blog and enjoy!

Weekend, Wine and Winter



This week end I am away in the Yorkshire days with four other girl friends. The location is gorgeous and the weather is dreadful. Still all is good with the World as we are ably assisted by sparkling white wine! We are staying in a converted Chapel which is lovely but incredibly hard to heat up! One of our “team” has just had foot surgery and is resting with her foot up and pain killers and red wine ( not recommended!). Another of our “group” has given up cake for Lent -of which we have lots, so has substituted biscuits! There is no mobile phone coverage but we have WIFI -bizarre! We have been unable to light a fire in the wood burner due to our inadequate fire lighting skills. I purchased a lovely Herdy mug and dropped it as I came out of the shop. But all in all we are having a good time. Oh and it snowed last night.

We are staying in a village called Bainbridge close to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. On a short walk this afternoon we crossed a bridge over the River Bain and saw an Archimedes Screw. This is a community project to create Hydro electricity for the National Grid amazing for such a small community and really interesting!




Cushions, Dog and Grandchild


imageCushions, Dog and Grandchild

This weekend we attempted to put up the awning to our campervan for the first time. This “tent” is a porch for the van to allow Benji dog a comfortable place to live whilst travelling with us. Now this was a first for us as we unknotted guy ropes ( or is it guide ropes?), detangled tent poles and and tried to organise the confusing canvas. All this was assisted by Benji dog and Grandson playing chase, ball and rolly polly on the grass over and around the supposed tent! Great fun! I just hope we’re not in a hurry when we put it up for real.

With campervan aka Damnvan1, adventures in mind I have made two cushions for said van. I had great fun sewing on the bobbles. I also put a zip in each. Unfortunately I sewed in the zips closed and around the cushions. It was a great challenge to open the zips from the inside out. However, I am very pleased with the end result and will make some matching tie backs for the vans curtains. All mod cons. Can’t wait to get away for a few days in the Damnvan1 I will report back when we do.

I’ve won the Premium Bonds!


Pinterest pictureI've won the Premium Bonds!

Yipeeeeee! I’ve won the Premium Bonds! OK just £25 but any money is good money! Next time it may/will have a couple of noughts on the end. WHEN I do win big style I will buy my dream vehicle and tear drop caravan as pictured. I really think that dreams are so important. If you dare to dream you will achieve something of that dream. No dream=no ambition=nothing. Mind you I might make mine a red van and caravan with white flowers.

Today I cut out a pair of cushion covers to cheer up my campervan known as Damnvan1 (or even Darling van!) . The brown cotton in the photograph is my tacking thread. It is at least 50 years old. My Mum bought it for some project when I was very small so I am certain of its age. Isn’t it amazing that after half a century I am using it in a project for myself. I enjoy that sense of continuity. I will report back on the cushions when I have rescued the bobble trim from the dog and worked out how to attach it to the cushions.

A Favourite Blog for the Day


Written by Katherine who is an imaginative seamstress and a wife,Mum and Grandmother rather like myself.
I’d like to add that I am also a sister,step mum, daughter and friend! Girl power!

Mans Best Friend


imageimageimageMans Best Friend

This dog is one big puppy who is as soft as butter and loves a cuddle. He will sit for an age leaning on your lap just begging to be loved. I know well where I stand in the love pecking order in our home and it’s way down there after the dog!

I have been doing a steady trade with my vintage china candle cups in a local cafe. I have sold all that I have supplied so far so this is great. I will have to search for more cups but it gets harder and harder to find really pretty cups. Still they are on my list of search items in charity shops.
I have finally finished sorting earrings. All that is left in my jewellery box are broken or lonely single earrings. I will keep all these odds and sods as you never know if they will be needed for something………

Pick of The Blogs

One of my current favourite blogs is
There are some great recipes even though I have trouble getting my head around the “Americanisms”. How much exactly does a cup of sugar weigh? I’m just learning to use grams instead of ounces so life is very complicated!
Anyhow I intend to try the Brown Butter Banana Bread recipe recently blogged about.

This week we’re talking a little VINTAGE……………..


I love this definition of Vintage-that’s me ha! Ha!

The Morris and Sons Blog

Or is it retro? Pray tell, what is the difference? Is there a difference at all!

We’re here to clear it all up. Yes, apparently, there is a difference.

We’ll spice this week’s post up with a little GIVEAWAY as well. Keep reading and have some fun with us…

The true meaning of the word vintage relates to wine of high quality, actually. If you read the definition you will come to same conclusion as we did. It relates to knitting as well. Vintage denotes something from the past, of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. It’s old and it’s good and suggests authenticity.

In the world of fashion everything reappears after 20 years. This is where RETRO comes in. Retro suggests ‘in the style of’ or to put it more bluntly ‘a copy of’. If you are still confused about whether something is retro or…

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