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Crafts and Bikes


image imageWell dear friends some of you may remember that theTour de France 2014 started in Yorkshire, England. I’m not sure why or how to be honest, but Yorkshire sure made the most of the short lived fame! All along the route there are still flags,bunting and bicycles. The cycles have been dressed,painted,hung from walls, and placed in shop windows, roadside verges and anywhere else they could think of. Most of the bikes are painted yellow but today I stumbled across the best that I have seen.

This particular bike was in the church graveyard in the tiny village of Hardraw near Hawes North Yorkshire. It had been covered in crochet. There were tiny mice,daffodils, hedgehogs, leaves and a multitude of other country artifacts all lovingly crocheted in multi coloured yarns. The work that it had taken was huge and very impressive. It was leaning on the church notice board in the graveyard. I particularly like the fact that it rests amongst very old tomb stones in such a peaceful location.

In the same village (Hardraw) I visited  the Focus on Felt Studio/gallery. This is owned and run by Andrea Hunter who specialises in original felt artwork. Her work is absolutely beautiful and depicts gorgeous landscapes and horses. It is hard to believe that the pictures are created from traditional felt work. Well worth a visit www focusonfelt.co.uk

An Adventure Every Day


imageYou would think that Benji dog would realise he can’t get any further into the camper van because he has a lead on! Oh no! He just keeps right on trying. He actually only wants to be with us. That is after he’s been walked and fed.image image imageWe are having a chill out break in Hawes. Shall we just say rest and recouperation after a hectic summer. Hawes is in the Yorkshire Dales in Wensleydale. Wensleydale is well known for its lovely cheese. There is a modern creamery in Hawes where you can sample endless cheeses and purchase anything you can think of cheese or sheep related.The picture with sheep is the view from the creamery’s restaurant.

i keep trying to get back into a crafty mood but imp not getting very far. I have managed a few hexipuffs that I have blogged about before. I am using mainly gorgeous% Alpaca yarn from http://www.dropsstudio.com which is yummy luxury.

Weekend, Wine and Winter



This week end I am away in the Yorkshire days with four other girl friends. The location is gorgeous and the weather is dreadful. Still all is good with the World as we are ably assisted by sparkling white wine! We are staying in a converted Chapel which is lovely but incredibly hard to heat up! One of our “team” has just had foot surgery and is resting with her foot up and pain killers and red wine ( not recommended!). Another of our “group” has given up cake for Lent -of which we have lots, so has substituted biscuits! There is no mobile phone coverage but we have WIFI -bizarre! We have been unable to light a fire in the wood burner due to our inadequate fire lighting skills. I purchased a lovely Herdy mug and dropped it as I came out of the shop. But all in all we are having a good time. Oh and it snowed last night.

We are staying in a village called Bainbridge close to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. On a short walk this afternoon we crossed a bridge over the River Bain and saw an Archimedes Screw. This is a community project to create Hydro electricity for the National Grid amazing for such a small community and really interesting!