Christmas Oh No !!


OK I hold my hands up I’ve started crafting for Christmas. Yes I know it’s only September but hey ho. I always mean to be organised but usually fall by the wayside. Not this time! (She says with optimism)

I’m knitting my sister a scarf. I can talk about this because she can’t read this for various reasons. I thought it would be nice to wrap her in love and warmth by knitting her this Hitchikers scarf by MartinaBehm.

I’ve knitted “The Hitchiker” a few times This time I’ve chosen a Berger 100% Merino yarn which is soft and cosy. It’s a variegated yarn so should prove interesting. Bring on Christmas!!

Here’s one I made earlier

Mask Making (again)


I only wanted to make a quick six more masks. And everything that could go wrong did. I’ve made dozens of face masks already so I thought it would be a breeze. Well it wasn’t!

The thread tangled around the shuttle. I reckon that this wasn’t helped by using a thicker thread on top. I was trying to use up odd bobbins of thread but should have known better.

The whole shuttle assembly got wedged in at an angle and was clogged with dust bunnies. I’m not very hot on the maintenance so must try harder.

The elastic was too “elastic” I used a different product from previously but should stick with what works.

The back of the masks was a knotted up mess and I spent ages trying to unpick it. I travelled 10 miles to buy a seam ripper to put the faulty stitching right. Surprise surprise whilst I was in the sewing shop some lovely trim jumped into my bag! Great though isn’t it?

All in all lessons learned. BUT I’m still in a stunning location, the sun is shining and ( nearly) all is right with the World.

The finished quilt


Way back when( January), I posted about a quilt I was making. This was to be my “lock down project.” The quilt kit was special as I purchased it from a lady I met on my trip to India in 2019 Kim Porter at

I enjoyed the jig saw puzzle pre construction

Well! I did actually finish it and was delighted with the result.

It was lap quilt size and lovely and soft

As it was made from pre used linens I wanted it all to be 100 percent natural. I used 100 percent cotton wadding and for the back chose vintage linen tray cloths which were very soft.

I machined the blocks together and hand quilted the finished quilt.

I gifted the quilt to my lovely Sister and she was thrilled with it. So much so that she said when she dies she wants to be wrapped in it! I cried!

Vintage Book Wrap

Back of the book cover

I made this book cover recently using vintage scraps of embroidery, ribbon, lace and other scraps hiding in my stash.

Front of the book wrap

The front and lining of the cover was a vintage tray cloth sandwiched around cotton wadding. The cover was quilted with embroidery thread scraps and bound and fastened with vintage lace acquired from a friend.

The book wrap opened up to show front and back

I embellished the finished cover with buttons and beads and a motif that was hiding in my scrap box.

The book was made for my Granddaughter who was thrilled with the gift. She loved the book and I hope will treasure it for a long time.

The Journey not the Destination

Today was all about the journey. I took the train from Criccieth to Barmouth right round the Cambrian Coast. It was an interesting ride all togged up in a face mask and appropriately social distanced.
Barmouth beach is a beautiful space busy with the bucket and spade brigade. Nice to watch the sand castle building and beach fun.
Lots of “ vintage” signs and lowering clouds
Space to roll up the trousers and wear a knotted handkerchief on the head (only good the old British will understand)
Poor beasts of burden I so hope that they are well looked after and loved.
The obligatory ice cream. It would have been rude not to have one.
Traditional fun fair
Sky diving Seagulls ready to steal your lunch.’
In disguise! Until next time folks!

Wild and Windy


Here on the Lynn Peninsula we have been battered by Storm Francis

Stormy Criccieth

I only nipped out to buy some knitting needles from the charity shop ( as you do) and was blown and soaked to the skin. I did pause on the front to take a picture, opened the window and a wave washed over the car – well nearly.

It was invigorating but I was too nervous to get out of the car.

A potential Christmas gift

I did purchase my bargain knitting needles and am now cosy, dry and starting on a Christmas gift.

Yesterday I went to the same charity shop and bought a wheel chair for my poorly sister. It was a win win. The charity got the money and hopefully sis will find the chair useful. It folds neatly into the back of my car. I’ve just got to get it to her now!

Long Time No See


Hello dear reader what a long time since I last posted! How our Worlds have changed! All is good in my little World. My friends and family are well(ish) and my new hips are wonderful. I’m so grateful that I had the surgery pre Covid and that I had them both done at the same time. Sometimes things work out.

I have been busy crafting as usual and have managed to complete a few UFOs ( unfinished objects) I will report back on what I have done in the near future! In the meantime I’ve taken up residence in my sea side home with the intention of crafting and relaxing. Well I’m relaxing all right. Here is the view from my sea side bolt home today.

Beautiful Cardigan Bay

I arrived at my little piece of heaven intending to have a full on crafty week. Hopefully to complete a quilt that’s been on the go for some time. I packed my sewing machine, half made quilt, batting etc and arrived yesterday. I organised the sewing machine only to realise that I hadn’t brought scissors, threads, needles etc!

So having completed one mini project last night I drove into Porthmadog and bought the ingredients for Crafting two more items. Ahh well! So much for completing my long list of UFOs One day I MIGHT be organised.

The trip into Porthmadog was also rewarded with a fab organic ice cream enjoyed by the harbour.

Let The Quilting Begin


When I went to India I met a lady by the name of Kim Porter who has a business selling “worn and washed fabrics”I purchased one of her kits with a view to making a quilt.

I had saved the quilt kit as a project for my recovery. Recovery therapy I suppose.Well recovery time is here and I have no excuse not to get quilting! The plan is to machine stitch the blocks together and then to hand quilt. I will buy 100% natural wadding as the blocks are pure cotton or linen. I will use a vintage textile as backing. The backing is yet to be decided. I will report back my progress so watch this space



Yesterday I escaped the cottage confines and went shopping. Not real shopping just picking up click and collect stuff in Marks and Spencer. I need to get better quickly if only to stop me doing so much shopping on line!

Hubs drove and I used both crutches. Around the home I’m not using crutches now but trying to walk tall and proud! ( I need to straighten up) I can’t wait to walk out in our local countryside properly. One step at a time. So for now I’m just putting one foot in front of the other.