I Did it!


I took Benji dog for his early morning walk today and visited one of my favourite benches just so that I could soak up the view. Here is the bench. ( and the dog )

Across Cardigan bay towards Harlech

And here is the view

Criccieth Castle

It’s wonderful to have time to stand and stare ( or sit). This place is awesome and even better on such a lovely day . The temperature actually hit 30 degrees so it is super warm.

Later in the day I went swimming in this lovely sea off Criccieth beach. This has taken a lot of courage following a bad swimming experience in St Lucia with a rip tide and bi lateral hip replacements. But I DID IT!

So the sea is now my oyster so to speak. Guess what? I’m going again tomorrow but to a different beach Yippee!

I’ve also been preparing for future cruises. This involves making all projects into kit form. Quite a challenge and taking a lot of fore thought. Today I wound 30 lots of sewing threads onto cardboard cut outs. I think I might get repetitive strain injury but it was a good sitting down activity.

Here is a “secret” ingredient for one of the projects. All will be revealed eventually!

A sewing project? Really?

COVID Craft Review Continued

Completed Hitchhiker’s Scarf

Back in September I told you about making my sister a Christmas gift. Well it was finished in time! I hope that it fit!!

I’ve also been busy sorting out the home Hasn’t everyone? In order to hide the rubbish in this cupboard I attached vintage lace doilies to the inside of the glass. It’s not a permanent fix so doesn’t spoil the cupboard or the vintage lace but it works!

We also had the dining room re vamped. The carpet was replaced with a wooden floor. Mainly because Benji dog dug up the previously good carpet Of course we also had to then decorate and add new window dressings

We love him really!

Hoop Art


Here are a few examples of hoop art that I have created. The two clocks were courses that I taught when on a cruise ship. They are easy to do if a little fiddly. I would recommend buying good quality clock mechanisms as the cheaper ones are exactly that! Cheap but not cheerful if you’ve spent time making the item.

This was a cross stitched sample that I worked
This was made using vintage textiles from my stash of fabrics. It is an instant result for not too much work.
A good friend sent me a fat quarter to see what I could make. I embellished the lovely picture with buttons and beads, old jewellery and embroidery. It now has pride of place on my craft room wall.

Book Wrap 2


I do love making these book wraps This one is for me! I’m putting old pics in and writing memories After all when I’ve gone no one will know. I like to think of a great great Grandchild reading it and thinking of me.

Did you get one of these?

Crafty Christmas Catch Up


Before Christmas 2020 I spent some time sewing embroidered felt figures as the Twelve Days of Christmas . I used the book by Corinne Lapierre which is a great simple guide to felt figures.

The figures were part of a window display to cheer up our village in the darkest days of a pandemic winter.

The idea worked and my window display caused some great comments.

The figures are now safely hibernating until next Christmas.

In the meantime I’ve purchased another book by Corinne Lapierre so wait and see!!

Vintage Book Wrap

Back of the book cover

I made this book cover recently using vintage scraps of embroidery, ribbon, lace and other scraps hiding in my stash.

Front of the book wrap

The front and lining of the cover was a vintage tray cloth sandwiched around cotton wadding. The cover was quilted with embroidery thread scraps and bound and fastened with vintage lace acquired from a friend.

The book wrap opened up to show front and back

I embellished the finished cover with buttons and beads and a motif that was hiding in my scrap box.

The book was made for my Granddaughter who was thrilled with the gift. She loved the book and I hope will treasure it for a long time.

“Cork”purse kit


Cork fabric , also known as cork skin or cork leather, is a high quality, natural fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. … This material is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, water resistant and stain resistant as well as easily cleaned and long lasting.

Cork fabric is a lovely textile to work with. Yes I have made more kits! These purse kits are easy to stitch and everything is in the kit to enable completion.

I have worked around the kit a little and plan to make another sample. I like the flat bottom but will make a sample stitched on the inside.