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#Stitching Santa Update – Upcycled Cross Stitch


I had to share this because all those un-loved needleworks in charity shops make me so sad. What a lovely way of re purposing them!


A couple of weeks ago I rescued this beautiful cross stitch from our local charity shop. It was mounted and framed but needed reinventing into something more usable in today’s modern life and was far too wonderful to leave there.

Only measuring a modest 5″ x 7″, I ummed and aahed about what to do with it for a while, having some brilliant suggestions on Instagram.

Ultimately, this is for one of my Stitching Santa recipients (I’m doing both sewing and yarny versions) so I wanted to make it a useful object. This lady is multi-talented across many craft disciplines, as are so many of my blogging pals, and she dabbles in cross stitch herself so I thought this would be perfect for her.

I decided to make a zipped pouch, about the size of a cosmetic bag, which could have a variety of different uses. Maybe for a portable…

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Gratitude is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but don’t knock it! This dawn I am grateful to be away with good friends.I am grateful that we have been friends for more than twenty years. I am more than happy that the group contains natural organisers so I let them! There are natural wash uppers, so I let them!

I am grateful to share gifts, laughs and maybe tears with these “girls” I am grateful to grow old together.

I am grateful to wake in this lovely place and enjoy the quiet.

So grateful is perhaps an overused word but don’t knock it! Just be grateful and enjoy it!IMG_1429

Dawn in the woods.

IMG_1426Ok don’t type “yes” I know that you agree.

Christmas comes Early


IMG_1419It’s been a tradition for many years that I go away with a group of girl friends and enjoy an early Christmas. This year we chose a log cabin in the Forest of Dean. A beautiful location, reasonable weather and brilliant company.

Our pop up Christmas tree was safely transported and Father Christmas payed a “surprise” visit.

IMG_1424There was a resident Robin but I didn’t get a picture so I took one of the resident “duck”.

Fayre or Fair?


Yesterday was our annual village Christmas Fayre. A fun, festive event putting everyone in the Christmas spirit.

IMG_1410I had a stall selling my perfumed candles in China cups, printed bags and knitting. My little Sister helped and it was good to catch up with friends. As usual I probably spent more money than I made but it is great to meet fellow artisans and network. Christmas is heading this way fast so brace yourselves!


Is it Christmas?


I’ve had a “Christmas cactus” for about forty five years! Yes! The same plant! I have written about it before but it is worthy of another mention. This plant is psychologically confused! It blooms pre Christmas prolifically. But the flowers have always gone by Christmas time.

It then goes on to pretend it’s an “Easter Cactus” and flowers again. But not only that it displays blooms during the Summer! It works so very hard for little or no attention. In fact this year it had a really hard time when I put it outside for a fresh air holiday. The poor plant got damaged (I do have a tiny garden/ok patio) and two or three branches were snapped off. Un deterred I stuck the broken branches into fresh compost and they started to flower!

These offspring have now been passed onto friends. The lady who gave me the original plant said not to buy plants for the house accept gifts of plants from others. You then fill your home with friends not plants! So true!

Thank you Wikipedia for these images:)


Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. Wikipedia
Scientific name:
Higher classification:
Did you know:
The optimal temperature for Christmas cacti is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way!


Busy, busy, busy! A busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never get to the end of my”to do” list ’cause as I tick something off I add more to the end! I am working towards a village craft fair on Saturday. It’s usually good fun, well attended and marks the start so the Christmas season for me.


I’ve also been on a mission to complete one or two of my Works in Progress which I will report on at a later date.


Vintage Cup Candles


More of the same this year!


imageimageimageI have started work making candles in vintage cups ready for a craft fair in a couple of weeks. I collect, hunt down or otherwise acquire vintage china cups all year round. Each year at this time I fill them with perfumed wax in readyness for Christmas fairs. Over the years the cups have got harder to find at reasonable prices. I suspect that this is because the charity shops have got more savvy on prices and vintage china is more in vogue. Still, it gives me something to hunt for!

I always use Soy wax as it burns with a delightful creamy colour, no soot and a clear bright flame. As well as being Eco friendly. The candle making is time consuming but good to do. This batch I have perfumed with Baby Lavender and my house smells delicious. I will also put some in my Etsy shop over…

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