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She Made It!


Well my Mum turned 90 this last week! She has now officially lived longer than any of her Six siblings. Well done Mum! On her actual special day she was very happy to hear “Happy Birthday” sung by her 2 daughters ( me and Sis), her 3 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren.

imageI’ve done a lot of celebrating this week! No crafting and no sensible eating.

imageWe met friends in Chester on Friday who we met on the last cruise. We had afternoon tea in a restaurant by the River Dee. Top location and top company.

Today I met up with Girl friends and we had a Champagne lunch in the Grosvenor Hotel Chester. I could get used to this life.

imageCheers Mum!

Summer Holidays


Job Done


Hoorah! A UFO finished. I like this summer top that I have just finished. The colour is dull but will soon be lifted with trousers, shorts or even hot pants! Whoo! I don’t think so! I wore hot pants in the 60’s and don’t think they work the second time around. Well that’s my excuse!

I will post a picture of me wearing the finished top when I am brave enough to wear it!



The yarn was really good to work with and knit up quite fast. I’d bought it on Bury Market about two years ago. Not only a UFO complete but a stash buster as well. Ok so now I need to replenish my stash which is always an excuse to shop


Stories from the past


In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a memory disturbance, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.

Sitting with Mum continues. I keep taking my knitting and not knitting. I take my book and don’t read and I don’t take her flowers and she tells me off! It’s all part of the big picture. She managed to tell me that she should write a book! I wish she had as all the real memories have gone, confused with the passing of time, its very difficult to dissect the truth from the confusion.

Next week Mum will be 90 so it will be cake and celebration.

I found time to re stock my Etsy shop – I’ve not been there for a long time. I only managed to list one item. Then sold it straight away! Yipeeee!

Words of Wisdom ( or not!)


Words are very cathartic. I find the written word very therapeutic. A place to off load (or upload) my thoughts, feeling and ideas. That is why I enjoy blogging so much. I’m formulising the feelings and moving on. I enjoy the fact that someone, probably unknown to me and living on the other side of my World, may read these words. But actually I don’t mind if no-one is reading them as those words now in the form of a blog, have done their job for me!

Because I blog myself I also read other blogs. There is only so much reading time in a day so I find myself not buying many magazines. Now for a lifetime “magaholic” this is a real change in behaviour. I still buy the odd mag treat but blogging is saving me a lot of money.

I have recently vowed to only read or follow blogs that are either interesting or uplifting in some way. I am not allowing blogs that are maudelin or wallowing in self pity into my blog world and subsequently my life. No one needs this. I know that we all ( not least me) have life hiccups and in that I am happy to share and sympathise. I am glad to be a friend and have personally been overwhelmed with words of support. So thank you all near and far for words of wisdom, humour, interest and kindness.

On a fun note I will say good bye for now dear friends.





During. the last few days I have been sitting with my Mum.


Mum is 90 in a few days. Last night I looked after my Grandson. GRANDSON IS 9 years old.


Mum is dying Grandson has his life to come.
I have been overwhelmed with it all and life feels like a great big beautiful rainbow. Grandchildren at one end and Mum at the other end.
What a rainbow Mum has travelled over! Just a few achievemets in her rainbow:
She was the 7th child of the 7th child. The luckiest place to be.
She has had 3 children
She was married to a wonderful man.
She only had the one lover – my Dad.
She road a tandem bike.
She worked in a psychiatric hospital.
She sang a lot.
She was stubborn.
She got into trouble at school because she couldn’t spell Egypt.
She could sing the Welsh National anthem in Welsh (but hardly ever went to Wales)
She taught me to knit and stitch.
She looked after me even as an adult.
Mum road a bike to work for 20+ years.
She travelled extensively. Even asking yesterday could she go to Blackpool.
She wove willow baskets to protect glass carbouys as her part of the second World War effort.
Mum loved life.
Mums rainbow was her rainbow. The secret of life seems to be enjoy your rainbow.


Damnvan1 and Downward Dog


Coastal camping in Damnvan1


imageNant y Big is a beautiful beach between Abersoch and Hells Mouth on the Llyn Peninsula, Wales. We particularly like the camp site which is positioned on the cliffs behind the beach. The Welsh Coastal path is along the cliffs in each direction providing easy access to long and stunning walks.

imageimageDamnvan1 enjoyed a break by the sea, looking out at the beautiful view and enjoying the sea air. Hubs, Benji dog and I enjoyed a walk (or run) on the beach. The waves proved a great attraction to Benji and he ran, jumped and swam in the surf.

This  proved to be a special place and we will be returning as soon as we can.

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Oh I do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!