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“America is a Gun”


1951 Club

America is a Gun …

Students all over the United States have been marching to call for stricter gun control laws.

“America is a gun” is a poem by Brian Bilston.

This is the sort of poem that really reaches the very heart of the matter. It says it all. Please feel free to reblog.

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Tie Craft



I recently went to a meeting of the Embroiders Guild. I love this meeting and find the other members inspiring and oh so creative! It is not just embroidery but all types of needle crafts. I often take my knitting but today I took the neck ties that I’ve been collecting to make a silk make up purse.

I spent time folding, re folding and pining into place until I was happy with the result. When you have worked out how it is quite easy to finally hand sew and insert a zip. I’m pleased with my first effort and will make more until I can make the silk purses with ease and neatly.




Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

I like to attribute it to Princess Joan of Beaumaris


In the church of St Mary, Cilcain, there is a fine collection of fragments of medieval funerary monuments displayed as a collection beside the south door into the nave. The most striking of these is the semi-effigy of an unnamed lady, dated crudely on the basis of the style of dress and depiction, and the leaves, to the ‘early 14th century’. It is a grey sandstone monument. The left-hand side and lower half of the slab are missing, but enough of the half-round moulding along its upper and right-hand edge survives to suggest it was originally a grave-slab, perhaps covering a stone coffin.

Gresham (1968) records his as his monument 166 for North Wales. He describes the carving as ‘crudely executed’. The head rests on a cushion. Gresham doesn’t mention the three-lobed decoration just below it on the right (figure’s left).

The head is framed by a heavy folded headdress…

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As you know my friends, I occasionally work on cruise ships teaching crafts. I am always on the look out for interesting, new crafty ideas, and as such have come up with a project using silk ties. I could use polyester but silk would be much nicer. I therefore started to search charity shops and quite frankly can’t believe the price of second hand ties! Polyester are generally around £2 but silk ones are about £4.50 Why on earth are they charging so much more for silk ties? There are dozens of them in the shops and are obviously not selling. I don’t want to pay too much as I need at least 30!

That took me to eBay where the plot thickens. I found great silk ties at a cheap rate (£1) so I decided to order three as samples to see if they will work. OK they are coming from China and won’t arrive until May! But hey! I can wait. I placed the order and then realised that they might be clip on or elasticated! I contacted seller who seemed very sweet but there was a language problem Chinese v English.

A short search later I found a private seller with one silk tie for sale. Well it was a start! A lovely silk tie in girly colours and great condition.

IMG_0176The tie arrived promptly this morning and it is very nice. I then turned it over and Amazingly Naked ladies! Tasteful but naked.

IMG_0178This is an interesting craft project indeed.