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Birthday Bunting


You might remember that I was making Bunting for my super step granddaughters birthday BBQ on my last blog. Well job done and I was really pleased with the result.

In the meantime I have also been sorting through my stash of “stuff”. A local charity shop in Chester, The Share Shop Chester, had put out an appeal for fabrics, sewing patterns and notions. Three sewing machines had generously been donated and are scheduled to go abroad to enable refugees to make their own clothes. I had a good sort out and have sent over forty sewing patterns for them, some dress length fabrics and a pile of threads.   It’s great to know that they are going to a good cause. Not only that but I have actually made some space in my craft room.



Welcome to my Craft Room


Its done! It’s finished! It’s fab!

IMG_1091This was a year ago and it’s not stayed this tidy. I need the House Elves to visit and the Dust Bunnies to work hard! Still off to my craft room to make Bunting for Step Granddaughters birthday. According to her she’s ” turning the big one zero!”. More about Bunting later.

Such A Lovely Day


I spent a weekend with Darling Daughter and family. They brought with them Sirius their Labrador pup. Well, I suppose he’s my Grand dog! He’s such a puppy at 20 weeks, so cute and amazingly well behaved. Life is such an adventure. He had his first visit to the beach and there was so much sea! Grandson had his first full paddle of the year and didn’t seem to worry how cold it was, aided and abetted by Sirius. The sun shone and the Beach House (AKA caravan) came into its own.

The Welsh coast was displayed in its full beauty. What a difference sunshine makes. We finished the visit with a visit to a local, upmarket fish restaurant. Not bad for someone who can’t stand fish!

Never Ever Again!


It seemed like a good idea at the time. I would buy some fabric and make a throw for the seats in my caravan. You know the score make it more up to date, more on trend, more now! I found some light grey fabric at Abakhan and set to work. Change the plan! Throws didn’t work. They slipped, rucked and creased. So more fitted covers were required. One whole weekend and disaster not enough fabric. Back to Abakhan I went and found a toning dark grey. Another weekend and more cutting and stitching. In the middle of all this I burned my fingers, luckily on my left hand. I certainly couldn’t have managed without my sister whose input and advise was much appreciated. We continued to stitch cut and tuck. I hemmed, drew round plates ( for arm covers) and discovered upholstery pins. Result- not bad. Maybe more modern, certainly protecting the upholstery, and I learned a lot. Most importantly never ever to do this again!

Tie Craft



I recently went to a meeting of the Embroiders Guild. I love this meeting and find the other members inspiring and oh so creative! It is not just embroidery but all types of needle crafts. I often take my knitting but today I took the neck ties that I’ve been collecting to make a silk make up purse.

I spent time folding, re folding and pining into place until I was happy with the result. When you have worked out how it is quite easy to finally hand sew and insert a zip. I’m pleased with my first effort and will make more until I can make the silk purses with ease and neatly.




Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

I like to attribute it to Princess Joan of Beaumaris


In the church of St Mary, Cilcain, there is a fine collection of fragments of medieval funerary monuments displayed as a collection beside the south door into the nave. The most striking of these is the semi-effigy of an unnamed lady, dated crudely on the basis of the style of dress and depiction, and the leaves, to the ‘early 14th century’. It is a grey sandstone monument. The left-hand side and lower half of the slab are missing, but enough of the half-round moulding along its upper and right-hand edge survives to suggest it was originally a grave-slab, perhaps covering a stone coffin.

Gresham (1968) records his as his monument 166 for North Wales. He describes the carving as ‘crudely executed’. The head rests on a cushion. Gresham doesn’t mention the three-lobed decoration just below it on the right (figure’s left).

The head is framed by a heavy folded headdress…

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As you know my friends, I occasionally work on cruise ships teaching crafts. I am always on the look out for interesting, new crafty ideas, and as such have come up with a project using silk ties. I could use polyester but silk would be much nicer. I therefore started to search charity shops and quite frankly can’t believe the price of second hand ties! Polyester are generally around £2 but silk ones are about £4.50 Why on earth are they charging so much more for silk ties? There are dozens of them in the shops and are obviously not selling. I don’t want to pay too much as I need at least 30!

That took me to eBay where the plot thickens. I found great silk ties at a cheap rate (£1) so I decided to order three as samples to see if they will work. OK they are coming from China and won’t arrive until May! But hey! I can wait. I placed the order and then realised that they might be clip on or elasticated! I contacted seller who seemed very sweet but there was a language problem Chinese v English.

A short search later I found a private seller with one silk tie for sale. Well it was a start! A lovely silk tie in girly colours and great condition.

IMG_0176The tie arrived promptly this morning and it is very nice. I then turned it over and Amazingly Naked ladies! Tasteful but naked.

IMG_0178This is an interesting craft project indeed.