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Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

Cilcain’s Medieval Female Semi-Effigial Slab

I like to attribute it to Princess Joan of Beaumaris


In the church of St Mary, Cilcain, there is a fine collection of fragments of medieval funerary monuments displayed as a collection beside the south door into the nave. The most striking of these is the semi-effigy of an unnamed lady, dated crudely on the basis of the style of dress and depiction, and the leaves, to the ‘early 14th century’. It is a grey sandstone monument. The left-hand side and lower half of the slab are missing, but enough of the half-round moulding along its upper and right-hand edge survives to suggest it was originally a grave-slab, perhaps covering a stone coffin.

Gresham (1968) records his as his monument 166 for North Wales. He describes the carving as ‘crudely executed’. The head rests on a cushion. Gresham doesn’t mention the three-lobed decoration just below it on the right (figure’s left).

The head is framed by a heavy folded headdress…

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