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As you know my friends, I occasionally work on cruise ships teaching crafts. I am always on the look out for interesting, new crafty ideas, and as such have come up with a project using silk ties. I could use polyester but silk would be much nicer. I therefore started to search charity shops and quite frankly can’t believe the price of second hand ties! Polyester are generally around £2 but silk ones are about £4.50 Why on earth are they charging so much more for silk ties? There are dozens of them in the shops and are obviously not selling. I don’t want to pay too much as I need at least 30!

That took me to eBay where the plot thickens. I found great silk ties at a cheap rate (£1) so I decided to order three as samples to see if they will work. OK they are coming from China and won’t arrive until May! But hey! I can wait. I placed the order and then realised that they might be clip on or elasticated! I contacted seller who seemed very sweet but there was a language problem Chinese v English.

A short search later I found a private seller with one silk tie for sale. Well it was a start! A lovely silk tie in girly colours and great condition.

IMG_0176The tie arrived promptly this morning and it is very nice. I then turned it over and Amazingly Naked ladies! Tasteful but naked.

IMG_0178This is an interesting craft project indeed.

Ladies Who Lunch?


Ladies Who Lunch?

Today as it was pouring with rain, I travelled from our campsite on the bus to Ilkley. Ilkley is a very nice town and I enjoyed a shopping spree as planned. Not as planned, I noticed Betty’s cake and tea shop. Now Betty’s was established in 1919 in Yorkshire and is very well renowned for its service and quality food. You usually queue to get in, which I did but not for too long. The Betty’s in Ilkley is typical of their style, stained glass windows, etched mirrors and waitresses dressed in black and impeccable white uniforms. This is English afternoon tea personified!
I did feel rather out of place as I was wearing worn out trainers, hiking trousers, back pack and wet hair. Well what do you expect when your camping? I sat amongst the twin set and pearls brigade, yummy mummies and wealthy young ladies and had a great afternoon tea!
I can really recommend Betty’s tearoom http://www.bettys.co.uk