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Chalkboard Candle Jars

Chalkboard Candle Jars

As some of you know I have a tendency to be a candle addict. This is a great idea!🐞

I can do that!

It has been suggested to me once or twice that I have a very real chance of being identified as what is colloquially known as an obsessive compulsive hoarder. Personally, I think such a characterisation is grossly unfair, but what can you do? The fact of the matter remains that I really really don’t like to throw things out.

Take jars, for example. We go through a lot of jars, Dolmio bolognese sauce being one of my favourite food groups. I recently stopped collecting jars, after I had accumulated them for about a year and a half. The pantry was chock full of them. ‘I’ll use them!’, I’d cry when Mario complained; ‘I have an awesome plan!’.

Well finally I did get around to using them, just like I said! I saw this idea on Pinterest (where it pretty much made the internet explode from cute-ness) and the original post…

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Grandad Ted


image image imageIn the 1980’s and 90’s it was still possible to buy fur coats from charity shops. It was acceptable to wear these fur coats but many were donated to charity. My Mum bought a few of these coats and jackets and made “Teddy Bears” from them. I think that she made three or four over time. They were stuffed very firm, had jointed limbs and were much loved by my children.

The Teddy in the picture belongs to my daughter and is named “Grandad Ted”. He is named after my father who was called Edmund, known as Ted. My Mum added a tag saying ” born 1990″ – the Teddy not my Dad!

Sadly my Dad died over six years ago and didn’t meet my youngest Grandson. This child now counts “grandad Ted” amongst his favourite toys. The really funny thing is that my Grandson is confused about death, heaven and relationships (aren’t we all?). He seems to think that Grandad Ted the Teddy and Grandad Ted my father are the same person(?). He understands that Grandad Ted the person is in Heaven but not sure about Grandad Ted the Teddy! Now I’m confused!

Well my wonderful Mother will be 88 on Sunday, she misses my Dad enormously but keeps smiling and is still telling me how to sew, knit etc. So this blog is dedicated to her for showing me how to sew, knit and love Grandad Ted!



A UFO Completed


image image

My lovely bag is no longer a UFO (unfinished object) but is completed and ready to use! Yippee!

You might remember that I bought this kit when I was on holiday in Tintagel, Cornwall. The bucket bag kit was designed and sold by Dee-Anne at The instructions were clear and easily understood, there was ample fabric and some freedom of design. I particularly enjoyed the appliqué which I enhanced with beads. This kit was especially good because I learnt a new technique, covered piping which I’ve never attempted before. I am pleased with the end result and intend to take it away with me this week end.

This bag makes a great souvenir of my holiday and the best thing is it didn’t languish too long in my stash of “Ill make it sometime” projects. This, hopefully, will be the start of finishing more UFOs!




imageYet again the text got separated and lost from the picture in my last blog. I MUST try harder!

The market that I had visited was Bury, Lancashire. The market is massive but I was hampered by very heavy rain. However, I managed to find some gorgeous yarn to add to my stash but hopefully I will get to knit that sometime soon. Look out for a silver grey Merino wool!

Today I have been working on a fabric bag that I bought in Cornwall.I hope to complete this week as I reallllly need to finish some of my UFOs!

How can anyone (especially me) have so many sewing threads but never ever have the colour I want? I have eight navy blue bobbins and at least ten white/beige! I know that a mid grey thread will blend with many colours when sewing so I guess that I will stock up on that. Some of my bobbins of cotton are really old as they belonged to my Mum and Nanna. Some of them are wooden bobbins and I still use them (even though I’ve never got the right colour!)

Brooches (again)


The previous post didn’t appear to have the text attached to it! Sorry! Why do WordPress alter the template for the blogging? I suppose it is to try and keep it up to date but for us non techies it does make life difficult!
These brooches are my small, very small collection of china brooches. One came in a satin lined box with the words “Capi-di- Monte Porcelain Jewellery handmade in Italy” on the inside. I now own three of these pretty brooches and tend to wear them all at the same time.
It is rare to find them un damaged as the ends of the petals and flowers tend to get chipped. But hey! I like them! I have picked these up for a few pence in charity shops but I suspect that they are not worth much more. I am sort of collecting them with the vague idea that if I had quite a few they might make an unusual trim or adornment of some kind. Who knows? I will just carry on wearing them on my jacket for now.
You can also find the same china flowers imagein tiny vases. Maybe this could be something else to collect……

Tweed and some Rustic Charm

Tweed and some Rustic Charm

🌞interesting that this article is not from Scotland the land of tweed💃

The Morris and Sons Blog

Tweed fabric and tweed yarn. Two different textiles, made in the same way.

Just mention the word tweed and it conjures up images of English gentleman hunting, fishing and doing such- like manly things. Have you heard of  Cheviot Tweed, Shetland Tweed, Gamekeeper Tweed, Sporting Tweed, Thorn proof Tweed or Geographically named Tweed?  There is an interesting article on tweed fabric. How it is made, some history and the men who wear it, over here.

What’s the difference between ‘regular’ yarn and tweed yarn?

Tweed yarn 1

In layman’s terms, generally, regular yarn is spun first and then dyed. The interesting part about the creation of tweed yarn is that the fleece is dyed first and then all the different fleece colours are put together in a kind of recipe and then all mixed up in a kind of mixing bowl and then spun. This is what gives it its flecky, speckled…

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Milking It


I went out for coffee with a friend last week to one of our favourite haunts. This is Lady Heyes Craft and Antique Centre Frodsham, Cheshire. It is a huge venue with multiple craft and antique mini outlets- perfect!
We really only went for coffee but managed to squeeze an hour browsing one of the antique emporiums. If I visited here every week I would always discover some “treasure”. This time one of my treasures was a “milk jug doiley”. These were made with beads around the edge so that they would wait the cover over the milk jug and stop any flies getting at the milk. A jolly good idea before the advent of fridges.
I remember my Grandmother AKA Nanna using one of these. OK I am fairly mature AKA old(!)but fridges were not the norm in the UK until the 1960’s so that’s my excuse.
Anyhow I enjoyed my wallow in nostalgia and the milk jug doiley currently enjoys pride of place on my kitchen windowsill.

Back to reality (Whatever that is!)


Let me start by apologising to anyone who follows this blog because of its so called craft, vintage content! It’s not easy to be very creative in a campervan and we’ve no space for many vintage finds. Damnvan1, Hubs, Benji and I have arrived back home after three glorious weeks in Devon and Cornwall. The washing is done and Damnvan1 put to bed in the barn, for now.
The picture is of my new work in progress. I vow that it will not remain unfinished for long as I am prone to do. There WILL be a picture of the finished project next week.

Since returning I have been overwhelmed with the desire to Spring clean. This doesn’t happen too often fortunately. This morning I decided to wash some embroidered cushion covers that I had bought from IKEA some time ago. I forgot that they are feather filled and when I took the covers off there was a feather storm all over my recently cleaned lounge. Still it was clean mess not like the mess from black leading the fire stove yesterday. Happy days!gallery]

By the way does anyone know how to remove black mould from vintage linen and indeed can you remove it?