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Cushions Galore


Eldest child turns up and says”Can you make some cushions for my new house Mum?”

“Of course I can son – no problem” I reply.

And the result is:

Eldest son arrived clutching a bag containing off cuts of Harris Tweed. Irregular shapes with some from a sample book as they had appropriate holes in them. I put them together in a random patchwork pattern and stitched them ktogether. I chose a lush silver grey velvet from my stash ( Hoorah more stash used up) and inserted a zip along one long side. There were some Harris Tweed labels which I stitched onto the cushions and whoo hoo! Two really nice cushions. They look great in son’s new house and coordinate nicely with the decor.

How not to sort out!


Remember the big sort I was telling you about last week? Well the project continues but with chaos abounding.

1) We had to buy a new bed for our spare room. After MUCH discussion Hubs refused to buy a new mattress as well so I ordered one anyway

2) Whilst we are sorting out the new bed I virtually threw out all my clothes from the spare room wardrobe. I feel cleansed but maybe I will have to organise something for the Winter! We took seven bags of clothes to the charity shops.

3) Its amazing how much I had stored under the old spare room bed.

4) As we were buying a new bed it seemed sensible to decorate the room. Hubs agreed after some gentle persuasion.

5) The bulb had fused in the spare room so Hubs sort of removed the shade to replace the bulb. The light fitting broke so now we need a new light fitting and an electrician to fit it.

6) The TV in the lounge died so we are off to buy a new one tomorrow.

7) Because we are expecting a new bed and re decorating I have bought new bedding. Well you can’t use old quilt covers on a new bed can you?

8) It seemed a good idea to buy curtains to match the new quilt.

9) The electric kettle gave up so we need to buy a new one! I guess we’ve made too much calming tea with the other kettle.

10) Maybe I will sort out our master bedroom next! Maybe not as I don’t want a divorce!

Pause for thought:


Job Done!


ANOTHER UFO finished. AKA a finished object.


I did a course at Liberty Bell Chester to make a felt cushion. As I didn’t want to turn it into a cushion I made a craft bag! I really enjoyed the course – it is lovely meeting other crafters, learning new techniques and just having a pure “Me” day.

visit http://www.liberty-bell.co.uk


I chose a contrast lining and inserted a zip into the top. I used a lot of blanket stitch as I adore blanket stitch! The whole bag was made by hand. I find hand sewing therapeutic and relaxing and really enjoyed the process.


I now have a finished bag to carry ANOTHER UFO


The  cat sitting by the tree  is a button. He does have rather a startled look but I have just sewn his bottom to the bag.

Back to reality (Whatever that is!)


Let me start by apologising to anyone who follows this blog because of its so called craft, vintage content! It’s not easy to be very creative in a campervan and we’ve no space for many vintage finds. Damnvan1, Hubs, Benji and I have arrived back home after three glorious weeks in Devon and Cornwall. The washing is done and Damnvan1 put to bed in the barn, for now.
The picture is of my new work in progress. I vow that it will not remain unfinished for long as I am prone to do. There WILL be a picture of the finished project next week.

Since returning I have been overwhelmed with the desire to Spring clean. This doesn’t happen too often fortunately. This morning I decided to wash some embroidered cushion covers that I had bought from IKEA some time ago. I forgot that they are feather filled and when I took the covers off there was a feather storm all over my recently cleaned lounge. Still it was clean mess not like the mess from black leading the fire stove yesterday. Happy days!gallery]

By the way does anyone know how to remove black mould from vintage linen and indeed can you remove it?

Dyeing and Vintage Thrift


imageDyeing and Vintage Thrift

I took a huge step of faith and decided to dye a white towel that was neither white nor beige,a white sheet that was off white and another towel that had seen better days. I had purchased a machine dye that was supposed to be a one step process some time ago. To be truthful, I was scared of dyeing chaos. You know the sort of thing, permanently blue hands or ruined washing machine or blue skin after bathing! Anyhow I went for it and spent an hour watching the interesting DARK blue water spinning around the machine and the items seeming nearly black. I had bought a denim blue dye. Hooray I was delighted with the results. The towels are a lovely shade of navy and the sheet a light denim. Everything looks fantastic and certainly has an extended life expectancy. Also the upholstery in Damnvan1 is blue so everything will co ordinate wonderfully.


When I was young long,long ago I had little money! Surprise! Surprise! It was in the sixties and along with the mini skirt came tights. These were a marvellous fashion statement as it meant you could wear mini skirts as short as you dared. Prior to this time there were only stockings and suspenders. I’ll say no more! Anyway, when I got a hole or a ladder in my tights the first emergency was to use clear nail varnish to stop the hole spreading. It was advisable to hold the tight off the leg whilst the varnish dried. If you didn’t it stuck to the leg!
When this emergency treatment failed or the hole got too big I would cut off the offending leg.( in the tights that is!) at the point where the panty starts. I always tried to buy the same shade of tights and saved the remaining leg,attached to the panty part until I had a matching pair. Now at this point I would wear a tight on each leg and two pairs of panties creating a “new” pair of tights. Job done!
In the event of different shades of tight legs I would boil the tights in a pan with soapy water and the colours would blend until they all became the same shade. Fantastic! Hole and ladder free tights and a warm waist down with two tight tops!

Cushions, Dog and Grandchild


imageCushions, Dog and Grandchild

This weekend we attempted to put up the awning to our campervan for the first time. This “tent” is a porch for the van to allow Benji dog a comfortable place to live whilst travelling with us. Now this was a first for us as we unknotted guy ropes ( or is it guide ropes?), detangled tent poles and and tried to organise the confusing canvas. All this was assisted by Benji dog and Grandson playing chase, ball and rolly polly on the grass over and around the supposed tent! Great fun! I just hope we’re not in a hurry when we put it up for real.

With campervan aka Damnvan1, adventures in mind I have made two cushions for said van. I had great fun sewing on the bobbles. I also put a zip in each. Unfortunately I sewed in the zips closed and around the cushions. It was a great challenge to open the zips from the inside out. However, I am very pleased with the end result and will make some matching tie backs for the vans curtains. All mod cons. Can’t wait to get away for a few days in the Damnvan1 I will report back when we do.