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Photos, Pictures and people.



Our girly week end was a great sucess as expected! Having been away twice a year for sixteen years we have a formula that we know works.

I) We select reasonably high end self catering accommodation.

2) We each have our own tasks eg who drives, who shops for food, who cooks etc and it suits us!

3) We know each personality, likes and dislikes.

4) We plan menus and walks with great precision in advance.

5) We always have a great time!

As I blogged about in my previous blog titled “memories” I had sorted out dozens of photographs from our previous trips away. I took these in a tin and we spent a happy few hours sorting through them. We worked out the locations and approximate dates. We laughed at what we were wearing and marvelled at our dated hair styles. We remembered some restaurants, swimming pools and appalling weather. We discussed changes in ourselves and were amazed at the passage of time.

I purchased a photograph album and spent another couple of hours fixing the pictures into the book. I did manage to label most of them as to where and when, but am sceptical as to the accuracy of the dates! I even bought a luxury pack of felt tip pens with which to label the pictures. I just can’t help myself where stationery is concerned!💃

The next task is to somehow find on my old computer previous pictures from probably the last six years or so. Print them off and add to the collection. We did laugh about the last woman standing ( read living ) inheriting the album of memories but at least those memories are nearly organised!

Watch this blog for more about my Girly week-end away!

Weekend, Wine and Winter



This week end I am away in the Yorkshire days with four other girl friends. The location is gorgeous and the weather is dreadful. Still all is good with the World as we are ably assisted by sparkling white wine! We are staying in a converted Chapel which is lovely but incredibly hard to heat up! One of our “team” has just had foot surgery and is resting with her foot up and pain killers and red wine ( not recommended!). Another of our “group” has given up cake for Lent -of which we have lots, so has substituted biscuits! There is no mobile phone coverage but we have WIFI -bizarre! We have been unable to light a fire in the wood burner due to our inadequate fire lighting skills. I purchased a lovely Herdy mug and dropped it as I came out of the shop. But all in all we are having a good time. Oh and it snowed last night.

We are staying in a village called Bainbridge close to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. On a short walk this afternoon we crossed a bridge over the River Bain and saw an Archimedes Screw. This is a community project to create Hydro electricity for the National Grid amazing for such a small community and really interesting!




Round in Circles


First Attempt with a circular needle.

I have been away for the week end in a beautiful barn conversion in Yorkshire. I went with four girl friends and ate too much chocolate and drank too much wine-perfect. The week end turned into something of a retreat as the weather was so bad we didn’t get out as much as we usually do. We did however visit Clitheroe which turned out to be a delightful small Yorkshire town. There was a charity shop which was heaving with people all searching the racks of clothes. I have never seen so many visitors in one shop. I squeezed to the back of the shop where Eureka! I found THREE Stitchcraft magazines To start my collection all for the grand sum of 20p each. I enjoy browsing the vintage patterns and dreaming of having the time to knit many of them.imageI can’t imagine my Grandchildren wearing one of these sailor hats!image

As we were “rained off” so much I decided to teach myself to knit on a circular  needle. After considerable help from one of the other girls I managed to get going. I almost finished my first cowl to snuggle in when it gets colder. I probably used too many stitches (100) but not bad for a first attempt.

Despite the weather we really enjoyed our girls week end and are already planning the next.