Grandmother,Father and Daughter Embroidered Pictures


imageimageimageGrandmother,Father and Daughter Embroidered Pictures

These pictures are a record of work done by three generations of my family. The blue Galleon is worked in Goldwork and bead embroidery. This picture was worked by my Grandmother in the 1970s. She was a keen needle woman and I like to think that some of her talent and enthusiasm was passed on to me.
The totem pole was worked by my Father in 1995. It states on the picture “Athabaskan Indian Totem Alaska 1995”. I remember that he bought the kit in Canada when on holiday. He made many tapestry items during his retirement and the extended family now treasure them in his memory. It’s good to know that some craft work is valued if only sentimentally.
Finally there is a cross stitched sampler made by myself. This was probably my first bigger project and was bought as a kit. It’s not counted cross stitch but a printed on pattern. It started me along an interesting cross stitch road. Isn’t it amazing the various craft paths that we take?

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  1. I just love this! Everything about it–the family tradition, the way the three patterns reflect the decade they were made, the fact that you have them and value you them!