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Forest and Gruffalo


I had a great day out in Delamere Forest yesterday with handsome Grandson.

The Forests of Mara and Mondrem were adjacent medieval forests in Cheshire, England, which in the 11th century extended to over 60 square miles (160 km2), stretching from the Mersey in the north almost to Nantwich in the south, and from the Gowy in the west to the Weaver in the east. Mara and Mondrem were a hunting forest of the Norman Earls of Chester, established soon after 1071 by the first earl, Hugh d’Avranches. They might earlier have been an Anglo-Saxon hunting forest. Game included wild boar, and red, fallow and roe deer. What was left of the original Medieval forest became known as Delamere Forest.

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It it seems amazing to think that Wild Boar and Deer were hunted in this forest nearly 1000 years ago. Today children build dens and throw sticks for dogs, enjoy the fresh air and run happily through the trees. They might even find a Gruffalo. Happy times.

My Best Ever Christmas Present


image imageimage

I found the above pictures on Pinterest when looking for novel ideas to wrap my Christmas Presents. It made me think what was my best ever Christmas gift?

When I was about seven years old my Dad made me a wardrobe. This piece of “furniture” was about three feet high. It was made from varnished ply wood which he had bent to make a curved top to the wardrobe. There was a single door which was opened using a wooden knob. Inside my Dad had include a shelf and mini wire coat hangers. On the hangers were……….Clothes for ALL of my dolls and Teddies!!

My Mum and Nanna had been knitting and sewing for months before that Christmas. I had a lot of dolls. Baby dolls, a teenage doll (fashionable pre Barbie!) and Teddies. All these much loved dolls had new clothes. There were knitted sweaters for Teddy, Sewed dresses for the dolls-often with matching knickers and even a crotched pram blanket on the shelf. I played and played with this gift and have never forgotten the love and work that had gone into making the perfect gift for a dolly mad seven year old little girl.

After that lovey wollow in nostalgia I must get back to wrapping those presents.

Cushions, Dog and Grandchild


imageCushions, Dog and Grandchild

This weekend we attempted to put up the awning to our campervan for the first time. This “tent” is a porch for the van to allow Benji dog a comfortable place to live whilst travelling with us. Now this was a first for us as we unknotted guy ropes ( or is it guide ropes?), detangled tent poles and and tried to organise the confusing canvas. All this was assisted by Benji dog and Grandson playing chase, ball and rolly polly on the grass over and around the supposed tent! Great fun! I just hope we’re not in a hurry when we put it up for real.

With campervan aka Damnvan1, adventures in mind I have made two cushions for said van. I had great fun sewing on the bobbles. I also put a zip in each. Unfortunately I sewed in the zips closed and around the cushions. It was a great challenge to open the zips from the inside out. However, I am very pleased with the end result and will make some matching tie backs for the vans curtains. All mod cons. Can’t wait to get away for a few days in the Damnvan1 I will report back when we do.