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Giving and Gifts




I find it hard to believe that there are 73 children living in Chester and North Wales who will not be receiving Christmas presents this year. This is due to extenuating circumstances which has rendered them homeless or in shared housing. These are local children living in our communities.

Well now they will receive their gifts. This is due to a local new charity called Share, a local company called Dandys Topsoil and Turf and the generosity of local people.

Yesterday I took a car boot full of gifts and felt like Mother Christmas in a way I’ve not experienced before. I was only the courier ( OK I did give some gifts) but many were donated by Daughter’s colleagues at Lush Chester.

Just a small effort to make Christmas a little special for some children less fortunate than us.

Community Cafe


Community Cafe

This is a really busy week as I start a Collosal Cake Bake in readiness for next Saturdays Community Cafe. The cafe is in aid of “Help for Heroes” a worthy cause. I already have a coffee and walnut, chocolate sponge and bara brith in my freezer ready and willing to go. If I ask nicely friends will donate their cake and some will help with the washing up.
I’m going to do a few tray bakes as they cut up quite well and are very popular. I will let you know how much I make for the charity, how many cakes we have and how many cakes I eat!