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Distraction Technique




Because of the upset in my life at the moment I find myself indulging in an interesting distraction technique. Distracting myself from what is actually going on and indulging in fantasy. My “dream” of choice at the moment is dreaming of buying a narrow boat! Now this is amazing as I don’t want one, can’t afford one and don’t know anything about one! Or do I? 

My distraction involves searching the Internet at length for shabby chic, beautifully restored, small canal boats. Here are a few courtesy of Pinterest.

Please don’t tell Damnvan1 as I wouldn’t like her to think that I might sell her! Anyhow no time to waste I’ve got narrowboat interiors to drool over!

Vintage Handkerchiefs



Whilst cruising through Pinterest I came across a beautiful quilt made from vintage handkerchiefs. What a good idea! Something new, small and cheap to collect (handkerchiefs not quilts!) I could do this and when I’ve got lots of handkerchiefs perhaps I will make a quilt.

We are currently away in Damnvan1 for the weekend. We arrived in Buxton, Derbyshire yesterday and what a lovely town. It is a Georgean spa town with the most beautiful Pavillion and gardens. There are some good shops and, great joy, LOADS of charity shops. I made one small purchase, an embroidered tray cloth and a vintage handkerchief.


Now I have the start of my collection of handkerchiefs. Only one but its a start!

I’ve Won The Lottery!


I've Won The Lottery!

On my girly weekend away we purchased a lottery ticket and we WON! Amazing ! There were loud whoops of joy and extra sparkling wine to celebrate. We won the grand total of £168 between five of us. This was wisely re invested into our holiday account to help fund our next trip away. This is my second lucky win in two weeks so I am patiently waiting to report the third. My luck ALWAYS comes in threes! The Airstream caravan has been added to my “when I win the lottery” Pinterest board. I love Pinterest but haven’t yet worked out how to add the button to this blog
It wasn’t a crafty weekend but I did knit a few hexipuffs! So all was not lost! It’s almost impossible to trawl craft venues with a group of girls so I am saving that treat for when I’m on my own.
Blog that I Enjoy
I don’t usually like what I think of as “corporate blogs but this one is well worth a visit
Morris and Sons blog and enjoy!

Victorian Ballroom and afternoon tea.


On our recent trip to Blackpool we suffered 100 mile an hour winds, torrential winds,sub zero temperature and afternoon tea in the Tower Ballroom. So all in all we had a really good time. We really enjoyed our afternoon tea In the Tower. Blackpool Tower Ballroom was opened in 1898 complete with a perfect dancing floor, opulent decor, and “The Mighty Worlitzer”. This Worlitzer is a specially designed organ that rises from the floor of the stage and is played to dance to. There were quite a few couples tripping around the floor. I didn’t dance as it’s something that I’ve never accomplished – wish I had! The decor is amazing gold embellished angels ( that I thought were cherubs until I realised they all had generous bosoms!!) The ceiling is painted in scenic beauty like embellishments on speed! In all a breathtImageImageImageImageaking, Victorian extravigansor, which is well worth the visit.The afternoon tea was very tasty and good value. I adore cream scones which surprisingly seem to adore my waistline.

We didn’t trawl any charity shops as the purpose of the trip was to take our Mum on holiday. We stayed in a Luxury hotel and Mum shopped till my sister and I dropped! Mum has the shopping stamina as we push her in her wheel chair! Happy days. Craft wise I knit a couple of the hexipuffs, introduced myself to Pinterest which could become a new addiction but more about that at a later date.