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Grandad Ted


image image imageIn the 1980’s and 90’s it was still possible to buy fur coats from charity shops. It was acceptable to wear these fur coats but many were donated to charity. My Mum bought a few of these coats and jackets and made “Teddy Bears” from them. I think that she made three or four over time. They were stuffed very firm, had jointed limbs and were much loved by my children.

The Teddy in the picture belongs to my daughter and is named “Grandad Ted”. He is named after my father who was called Edmund, known as Ted. My Mum added a tag saying ” born 1990″ – the Teddy not my Dad!

Sadly my Dad died over six years ago and didn’t meet my youngest Grandson. This child now counts “grandad Ted” amongst his favourite toys. The really funny thing is that my Grandson is confused about death, heaven and relationships (aren’t we all?). He seems to think that Grandad Ted the Teddy and Grandad Ted my father are the same person(?). He understands that Grandad Ted the person is in Heaven but not sure about Grandad Ted the Teddy! Now I’m confused!

Well my wonderful Mother will be 88 on Sunday, she misses my Dad enormously but keeps smiling and is still telling me how to sew, knit etc. So this blog is dedicated to her for showing me how to sew, knit and love Grandad Ted!



Grandmother,Father and Daughter Embroidered Pictures


Vintage box


imageVintage box

Following my recent blog on the lovely pine chest that my Son and Daughter in law gave me for Christmas I decided to investigate another vintage box that I have. What a delight this box is known as the Ditty Box. I always “Knew” this box as the Ditty Box and used to sit on it as a stool when I was a child. It’s not very big and I currently store notions in it! (Great word notions).
Today I googled the words Ditty Box and was delighted to learn that a Ditty Box was supplied to seamen during the First World War to store their personal items, especially letters. They were also issued with a kit bag to store their bedding etc.
My box has a label inside the lid which says”Naval Ditty Box Property of Peter S.Kennedy H.M.S. Malaya 1918″ This Seaman was my GrandFather and would have been seventeen at the time. My father (perhaps unfortunately ) restored this box some years ago. My Dad used to varnish anything that stood still! On reflection I think I love this box even more because my Dad bothered to varnished it,

Vintage stilts?


Vintage stilts?

When I was making the Ginger Cake mentioned in an earlier posting, I was whisked back in time to my childhood. OK it is quite a while ago-I told you that I am vintage!!
The object that transported me back in time was a tin of “Lyles Golden Syrup” Strange as it might seem my Mum used to save theses tins which are stronger than the usual can. She would wash them out and when she had two make me a pair of stilts. My Dad would use a hammer and awl to make two holes -one on each side at the top,below the lid rim. String was then threaded through one hole,across the tin top and through the other hole. The string was then knotted leaving the string a good length. The lid was firmly put on and voila a stilt. Two tins and away I would totter!
My foot would be on the tin lids with the string forming a handle. Holding a string in each hand I could now walk on the tins keeping them tight under each shoe! I wouldn’t dare to try it now as I’d probably break an ankle! Happy days!