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Weekend, Wine and Winter



This week end I am away in the Yorkshire days with four other girl friends. The location is gorgeous and the weather is dreadful. Still all is good with the World as we are ably assisted by sparkling white wine! We are staying in a converted Chapel which is lovely but incredibly hard to heat up! One of our “team” has just had foot surgery and is resting with her foot up and pain killers and red wine ( not recommended!). Another of our “group” has given up cake for Lent -of which we have lots, so has substituted biscuits! There is no mobile phone coverage but we have WIFI -bizarre! We have been unable to light a fire in the wood burner due to our inadequate fire lighting skills. I purchased a lovely Herdy mug and dropped it as I came out of the shop. But all in all we are having a good time. Oh and it snowed last night.

We are staying in a village called Bainbridge close to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. On a short walk this afternoon we crossed a bridge over the River Bain and saw an Archimedes Screw. This is a community project to create Hydro electricity for the National Grid amazing for such a small community and really interesting!