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Finished At Last!



At last I have finished Mum’s Christmas present! It is a wrap / shawl / keep warm thingy! I can’t imagine why I have only finished this gift the day before Christmas. I have had it finished for ages so there is no excuse. It seems a lot bigger than I thought but it is a “U” shaped snugly wrap. I’m sorry that the photos don’t do it justice as the yarn is a lovely royal blue with a silver fleck. The buttons are for show only but I splashed out on luxury ones from John Lewis. Overall I’m very pleased with it. Mum complains of draughts on her neck so it should keep her snug. I’m not sure that she will wear it but I don’t mind! Every stitch was knitted with love so you can’t get a better.

If I can I will try to get a better picture of her wearing it after Christmas. By the way the yarn is  Bergere Eclair, as is the pattern The pattern says 8 balls of yarn but I only used 6 of them as did a friend, so be careful not to over buy as it is quite expensive. Maybe someone will be getting a hat or scarf in the remaining wool next year!

Busy Life!


I have been busy busy as usual. Trying hard to finish my Mums Christmas present as I’m itching to start another gift! I’m always on “what next” mode, a great planner but not a great finisher. However,knowing this very fact about myself does give me the impetus to try to finish stuff eventually.


I have also been busy adding stuff to my Etsy shop noddfacrafts. I have added these gorgeous creamy, leather gloves. They belonged to my Grandmother but have never been worn. The gloves come in their original packaging and with the swing tag still attatched. They are truly vintage and I hope that someone will like to buy them.

I have included a cosy Mohair wrap or shawl that I found in Yorkshire earlier this year. The pictures are slightly off colour as the shawl is a delightful blend of light green hues rather than tans but it is lovely.

New Deliveries


imageNew Deliveries

I’ve recently had two new deliveries of wool. It’s so exciting when the postman delivers a parcel, even though you know what’s in it!
The first was a parcel from Bergere De France gorgeous soft yarn.It is their “Eclair” range in Royal Blue with a gentle silver lurex twist. I ordered it from their lovely catalogue which contains yarn samples and lovely pictures of their patterns. I plan to knit the wrap-stole in the picture for my Mum for Christmas. Now I am safe talking about Mums Christmas present as she doesn’t read this blog. At 88 years she enjoys the newspaper and odd magazines not the internet. This project feels like an insurance policy for Mum because it will take me until Christmas to knit as I am very slow, so I feel it will make sure that she is still with us!
The second parcel is some Drops alpaca wool which I ordered from “Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd”. I am using a lot of this Alpaca to knit The Beekeepers Quilt” mentioned some time ago. It is so soft and gentle in fabulous colours.I have currently put this project away for a break whilst I start the above wrap. I am very good at starting stuff but not so good at finishing projects! It’s such a triumph when I do!
Visit http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk