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World War One in Damage Barton


World War One in Damage Barton

We travelled down to Devon in Damnvan1 to spend a few weeks exploring Devon and Cornwall. Yippee !!
Our first stop was to be in North Devon on a fantastic Caravan Club site called Damage Barton (what a great name!) the site was really good. When we arrived the first thing we did was to attend a coffee morning at the farm house. A beautiful house in an idyllic spot. They were raising funds for a local church flower festival. The money was to arrange a flower display for every local fallen soldier in the Great War. As this was the 6th June it was very thoughtful and sad. It was also such a nice thought that these young men and boys were to be remembered probably long after their families have also passed on, in such a beautiful way. Lest we forget….

Vintage box


imageVintage box

Following my recent blog on the lovely pine chest that my Son and Daughter in law gave me for Christmas I decided to investigate another vintage box that I have. What a delight this box is known as the Ditty Box. I always “Knew” this box as the Ditty Box and used to sit on it as a stool when I was a child. It’s not very big and I currently store notions in it! (Great word notions).
Today I googled the words Ditty Box and was delighted to learn that a Ditty Box was supplied to seamen during the First World War to store their personal items, especially letters. They were also issued with a kit bag to store their bedding etc.
My box has a label inside the lid which says”Naval Ditty Box Property of Peter S.Kennedy H.M.S. Malaya 1918″ This Seaman was my GrandFather and would have been seventeen at the time. My father (perhaps unfortunately ) restored this box some years ago. My Dad used to varnish anything that stood still! On reflection I think I love this box even more because my Dad bothered to varnished it,