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Milking It


I went out for coffee with a friend last week to one of our favourite haunts. This is Lady Heyes Craft and Antique Centre Frodsham, Cheshire. It is a huge venue with multiple craft and antique mini outlets- perfect!
We really only went for coffee but managed to squeeze an hour browsing one of the antique emporiums. If I visited here every week I would always discover some “treasure”. This time one of my treasures was a “milk jug doiley”. These were made with beads around the edge so that they would wait the cover over the milk jug and stop any flies getting at the milk. A jolly good idea before the advent of fridges.
I remember my Grandmother AKA Nanna using one of these. OK I am fairly mature AKA old(!)but fridges were not the norm in the UK until the 1960’s so that’s my excuse.
Anyhow I enjoyed my wallow in nostalgia and the milk jug doiley currently enjoys pride of place on my kitchen windowsill.