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Victorian Pier


imageimageimageWe spent today walking along the promenade at Colwyn Bay. Benji the dog enjoyed a run along the beach with sand between his paws. We passed the soon to be demolished Victorian Pier. In it’s hey day a tribute to Victorian engineering and a veritable pleasure palace. It was opened in 1900. The pier has been embroiled in a political and legal arguement for the last decade or so. This has resulted in an order to demolish the pier before nature demolishes it for us. It is a great pity that this pier could not be saved but costs seem to far out weigh the benefit. It is goodbye to this once fine example of Victoriana. OK so that’s my “vintage” rant over.

Not much crafting but I will get out my knitting later. As usual I spend much more time thinking what to craft than actually creating.

Today was certainly a walk along the beach sort of a day, sunny, warm, happy.

Victorian Bed Cover


Victorian Bed Cover
This bed cover is hand-made with squares of embroidery sewn together using machine-made lace. It has a delightful border of flowers embroidered in mainly chain stitch. The bed cover is large enough for a double bed. I suspect it was made more as a cover for dust? As it is made from linen and certainly offers no warmth. Whilst I am not certain of its history I do know something of its provenance. It came from a house in Southsea near Portsmouth Hampshire about thirty years ago.I am reasonably certain that it was made in the very early 1900s
There is a larger central square embroidered with the initials “CMJ” or is it “CMT”? I can’t find the name of the femail who made this lovely article, but I will keep searching.
If anyone can shed anymore light on this cover I would be delighted to hear from you.

Victorian Ballroom and afternoon tea.


On our recent trip to Blackpool we suffered 100 mile an hour winds, torrential winds,sub zero temperature and afternoon tea in the Tower Ballroom. So all in all we had a really good time. We really enjoyed our afternoon tea In the Tower. Blackpool Tower Ballroom was opened in 1898 complete with a perfect dancing floor, opulent decor, and “The Mighty Worlitzer”. This Worlitzer is a specially designed organ that rises from the floor of the stage and is played to dance to. There were quite a few couples tripping around the floor. I didn’t dance as it’s something that I’ve never accomplished – wish I had! The decor is amazing gold embellished angels ( that I thought were cherubs until I realised they all had generous bosoms!!) The ceiling is painted in scenic beauty like embellishments on speed! In all a breathtImageImageImageImageaking, Victorian extravigansor, which is well worth the visit.The afternoon tea was very tasty and good value. I adore cream scones which surprisingly seem to adore my waistline.

We didn’t trawl any charity shops as the purpose of the trip was to take our Mum on holiday. We stayed in a Luxury hotel and Mum shopped till my sister and I dropped! Mum has the shopping stamina as we push her in her wheel chair! Happy days. Craft wise I knit a couple of the hexipuffs, introduced myself to Pinterest which could become a new addiction but more about that at a later date.