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Christmas for Granny Lush



Well it is a little late, just a little,but one of my lovely Christmas gifts was a gift box from Lush. I have a great selection of Lush boxes and or tins, collected over the past few years. I love these boxes but I REALLY love the contents

This year’s,lip salve,lip tint, Lushious box had the Twelve Days of Christmas theme and inside was divided into Twelve compartments. In theory, and if I’d had the time, it is designed to be a treat for each of the festive twelve days. In truth, life has just achieved a level of normality, and I can finally enjoy this treat to its full.

I have used nearly all of the shower gel called Lord of Missrule. It’s doesn’t fail as a gorgeous, soapy treat, lovely,Lush shower gel. The Hair conditioner has yet to be tested but smells delightful. There are lip tints and lip salves both well used. The box, which fastened with a luxurious ribbon also contained some divine soap, hand treatment and body lotion.

This gift didn’t fail to be an extreme Lush indulgence. All of the contents are fabulous and can’t fail to please. No wonder I’m a lovely Lush Granny!!


Christmas Angel


imageRaw MaterialsChristmas Angel

I went to an “angel making” workshop this week and here is the end result! She is very cute and wearing a dress made from twelve days of Christmas fabric. She is carrying a Christmas wreath and wearing a very becoming crown. Her twiggy wings set her off perfectly. Best of all I like her curly hair. She maybe could have had a better hairdresser but hey ho! Or is it Ho Ho?
The course was at Liberty Bell in Chester and took all day. Angels don’t get made quickly you know especially when they are wearing red bloomers!