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The difference a day makes


What a difference a day makes! Today was sunny, bright and cheerful. There was a “start of the season” party on the sea front today. There was live music, RNLI (which we all hope we will never need!) children’s games and a display of plastic waste! The plastic was shocking and brought home how much plastic waste that there must be in the sea. Nothing better than visual aides!

I have also put another vintage cloth into my Etsy shop Visit noddfacrafts.etsy.com

This is a beautiful vintage linen tray cloth.



imageimage image

You do meet nice people at craft fairs! At a recent Christmas Craft Fair I met a lady who has just renovated a property, converting it to a venue for craft workshops. These workshops are about to get up and running and she has asked me to run a workshop making my up cycled bunting. This is pictured above and I use worn out or damaged embroidered lace doilies, tray cloths and table cloths. So if anyone has spare vintage embroidery or lace you know where it will find a good home! The bunting I had made was not for sale but just used to dress up my candle stall but maybe next time!

The workshops are to be held in a near by village called Caerwys, check out http://www.coachhousecaerwys.co.uk This is a beautiful location and an original “coach house” fabulous.

Whilst cruising through Pinterest I spotted the recycled tote bag as pictured above. Maybe just maybe, this could be the inspiration for another workshop. Perhaps I could use recycled beads?  I could incorporate quilting, embroidery, buttons. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The list is endless!

Vintage Textile Stash


Vintage Textile Stash

The sort through my stash of vintage (and not so vintage) textiles continues. My collection mainly consists of old lace and linens. I have numerous doilies, cloths, cushion covers and tablecloths. Today I carefully ironed this lovely, truly vintage tray cloth to sit on my new vintage pine box. It is quite fragile with a very worn centre. Best of all there is a laundry number embroidered in the corner in red. Just imagine the days that this was necessary! This is living history and I’m delighted to use and love such a gorgeous item.

Another cushion creation


Tray clMy stash of vintage textiles has been reduced a little more today. I have made another cushion using two oval tray cloths. The scalloped edge is very pretty and would make a lovely cushion for a bedroom. The tray cloths are both hand embroidered and are lovely examples of a bye gone time. I have a plan to make vintage bunting using doilies before the craft fair and then all that I have to do is to sell them!image