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Crinoline Ladies


What is it with all these Crinoline Ladies on my vintage linens? They were very popular in the 30s and 40s embroidery. They are often pictured under romantic flower bowers or carrying a parasol. Our American friends call them Sun Bonnet Sue or Southern Belle.

My Nanna (Grandmother) who inspired me to embroider, continued into her 80s as a competant stitch woman. In her later years she attended a City and Guilds embroidery class at her local art school. I remember her teacher saying that she was not to embroider anymore Crinoline Ladies as they were old fashioned! What a shame! Nanna didn’t care if she was old fashioned ( which of course she was). All she wanted to do was to embroider Crinoline Ladies!

image image

Today I have found a tea pot with a Crinoline Lady on. How cool is that? OK maybe it’s my turn to be old fashioned.


I have have been increasing my stash of Vintage China and linens as I am starting a Vintage hire business in the near future. More about that soon.