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I’ve just got to tell you that I am giddy with excitement! Why? I’m on the brink, nay cusp of finishing not one but TWO works in progress! How exciting is that? Such a rare event.

Im savouring the moment so will show you pics when work complete! I have put myself under pressure ( I work better under pressure)  as I am off to a craft show with Sis on Friday. I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy/start any more project until I had finished at least two. Mind you I don’t NEED to buy more as I still have multiple PHDs (projects half done) filling up my tiny cottage. But you know the score…


Knitting and Stitching Show



Yesterday I went to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show. Firstly Harrogate is a beautiful Victorian Spa town and is worthy of a visit in its own right,but sorry I had other fish to fry!

There was an annual stitching and knitting show with all things crafty,creative and cool. There were three huge halls full of textiles of every description- a crafty heaven. I had to hold tight onto my purse as sadly its not bottomless! I did treat myself to some wool for a felted bag,some “sock” wool to attempt to knit gloves which I’ve never tried before, and loads of inspiration and ideas. 

My favourite stall lay out was a young lady selling from a VW Hub. Now this is my dream a classic campervan loaded with gorgeous yarns and patterns. She is called “Lily and the Dub” and well worth looking out for. Info@lilyandthedub.co.uk or http://www.lilyandthedub.co.uk


Another favourite retailer was selling vintage patterns,yarns etc. I do like to see the patterns actually knitted up and these were very  stylish trendy. See http://www.susancrawfordvintage.comImage

Watch this space for more crafty info!