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Crafts, Cruise and Colour


Another craft that we enjoyed on our recent Scottish cruise was Textile printing. We used a selection of stamps, some of which were lovely hand carved ones from India.

20170712_101430We had taken linen tea towels and tote bags. This is a lovely creative craft that anyone can enjoy.

20170712_100801The people who came to the class enjoyed creating their own designs. One lady designed a grey and black tea towel to match her new kitchen.

20170712_173125Another lady came who was severely sight impaired. It was a delight to help her choose the colours and print a towel. Sometimes life is so rewarding!


Hello Boudicca


I recently enjoyed a “crafty cruise” on board Fred Olsen’s MS Boudicca. It wasn’t all crafts just that I was teaching crafts on board. I was also craft hunting at every port of call and every opportunity. I think that I might need therapy for this craft and stash obsession! Please note that two of the three suitcases were full of craft kit equipment!

IMG_1191Poor Benji dog couldn’t understand that he wasn’t going with me. He stayed at home and enjoyed quality time with Hubs.

20170708_103119Back to the ship. A small but perfectly formed ship that was able to nose her way into many of the Scottish Lochs. We were only away a week but packed a lot into the very interesting itinerary.



Tarbert Loch Fyne

Tobermory Isle of Mull

Fort William


Kirkwall Orkney



It was great sailing out of Liverpool as this is not too far from home. It was a little like getting a bus! I will tell you more about the ports of call and our craftiness soon.

Always Busy!


As I mentioned in my previous post I have been very busy crafting, thinking about crafting and buying crafting items. This is because I am off on another crafty cruise in July. It’s not an exotic destination but very exciting. I am going from Liverpool, up the West coast of Scotland into the sea Lochs and round the top of Scotland to Orkney. This is very interesting and an adventure to look forward to. Because we want to do another road trip in Damnvan1 before I go I need to leave all the craft projects sorted and packed. Phew!

And there’s always Benji dog to walk.

20170509_145956Last night I was invited to my local WI who were having a craft taster evening, to demonstrate decoupage.

I demonstrated how to decoupage a photo frame . I chose to use a map of Scotland and a photograph of a Scottish mountain. This is just one of the projects that I will be demonstrating on my future Scottish cruise.

Wordsmith Wednesday- Fair Isle Knitting


As I am having something of a knitting frenzy at the moment I was thinking where Fair Isle Knitting originated from. So here goes……

Fair Isle Knitting

Fair Isle (technique) Fair Isle jumper done in the traditional style, from Fair Isle. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland islands.


My Blogging Year in Pictures 2014



January saw Grandsons sixth birthday and  “whale of a cushion”


February found Mum, Sis and myself in Blackpool having a gel manicure each for the first time EVER!


March I taught my Grand daughter to knit ( or tried to!)


April we held a cake sale in aid of Help for Heroes.


During May we walked through Bluebells.


June was enjoyed in Cornwall, sun, sea and sand.


July we returned to Blackpool Tower Ballroom for Mum’s 88th birthday


August we had a bucket and spade holiday in Wales.


September a girl friend and I went to Port Patrick, Scotland.


October we saw Autumn in the Lake District.


November there was the village Bonfire.


December we had Shepherd and Snowball fights, family and friends, gifts and gratefulness for a wonderful year. Happy 2015 to you all my friends.

Birth Place of Robbie Burns


image image imageOn our recent trip to Scotland we visited the house where Robbie Burns was born. This beautiful, low cottage has been restored to demonstrate life in the1760s. There was a lovely rag rug in front of the fire which I suspect wasn’t the rug that Robbie learned to crawl on!

I saw the box bed where Robbie was born, the first of seven children. Interestingly they have hung old linen babies night gowns, each had the name of a child embroidered on them, born in the box bed. Strangely there was a light inside each gown which appeared rather spooky. In fact I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

I am fairly certain that the phrases and slogans were not painted on the walls in Robbie’s day. This is a rather odd, modern idea designed to illustrate the times I suppose.

Robbie Burns lived in this cottage until he was seven years old in1766. He went on to become the best known Scottish poet and lyricist that Scotland has ever produced. He was also known as “Rabbie Burns” and was born in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland.image

Tomorrow I am off to The Black Sheep Wools which is very exciting. I can browse, plan and choose another project to start. I will report back and let you know what comes next! Watch this space.

Gorgeous Gardens in Glorious Scotland


image image On our recent trip around South West Scotland we visited Logan Botanic Garden.image Logan Botanic Garden is one of four National Botanic gardens of Scotland. Even though it was (another) misty damp day we enjoyed our walk around this enormous collection of plants. We saw specimens from Australia, New Zealand,Tasmania, Europe, Asia and Nepal to name but a few. I loved the walled garden.

The history of the current garden dates back to 1869. It is currently maintained in the most beautiful way with an eye for conservation, collecting, and research. It is a feast for the eye and an assault on the senses with perfumed flowers, grasses,trees,mosses and ferns.

We enjoyed the remaining Autumn blooms and giggled at the “Filo Pastry Tree” in the picture. Mainly because they then attempted real filo pastry that night on The Great British Bake Off!

Castles and Comics


image image image imageOn our trip last week to Bonnie Scotland we say many derelict castles. We visited Culzean castle, situated on a promontory along the Ayrshire coast. I am sure that the scenic coastline is stunning but we couldn’t see much due to the mist rolling in.

We passed Kennedy castle which is a grand pile of stones. I was particularly interested to visit Culzean castle as it was the stronghold of the Kennedy clan. My maiden name was Kennedy so I spent a long time daydreaming that they would discover that I was the long lost Kennedy relative set to inherit this beautiful castle. Sadly it was not to be! I did have a lovely day though.

I mentioned comics. We also visited Wigtown, awarded “Scotland’s book town” title. I must say that I was disappointed as I expected it to be like Hay on Wye, not nearly so good! However, I did find a pack of six Eagle comics from 1991. My daughter wants to cover a table with decoupage using Super Heroes comic strips. I’m not sure that I bought the right Super Heroes but it was good fun reading the comics. Flash back blues to when my sons were young and into Super Heroes.

Scotland a Land of Mist and Castles


I’m sorry not to have blogged for some time but I have just returned from a trip to Scotland.  A land full of castles frequently shrouded in mist. We had a great time and hope that my internal batteries have re charged!

There was an absence of shopping opportunities but I managed to track down a few charity shops! imageWhen my first Grandchild was born nine years ago I realised that she would be a child of the internet. I decide that everywhere I went I would send her a postcard. I love the written word and worry that modern children will use it less and less. Indeed postcards are getting less and less available as I suppose their days are numbered!

I now have three grandchildren so that means three postcards. I send them even when I go on a day out somewhere. I always date them and say something about who I am with or the place that I am staying. I purchased special boxes for each child to store their cards in. I hope that some time in the distant future these cards will provide a social history of myself and I will be remembered through my travels.

Autumn, a Romantic View.


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” so aptly describes Autumn here in North Wales. The poem ( or ode) was written by John Keats on the 19th September 1819 as he walked through the fields near Winchester. The poem describes the still warm weather and the hedge rows full of ripe fruit. Around here the mists cling to the fields in a morning before giving way to lush warm afternoons. The squirrels are gathering their hoards and the fields are a wonderful ripe honey colour. Heaven!

As an English woman living in Wales I am proud to live in the United Kingdom. I am delighted that yesterday Scotland voted to keep the kingdom United. By a coincidence I am off to Scotland next week and really looking forward to the Autumnal colours and scenery. I will seek out vintage emporiums, craft venues and gorgeous views, cafés, people and ( hopefully ) weather. I will hopefully report back soon.My kitchen window sill Pumpkin and Grandson