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Quilts Quilts Quilts


Darling Daughter and I went to a quilt and craft exhibition last week. It was in a very old church in a lovely village called Gresford.fThe exhibition is located in the beautiful village church. As we walked up the church path we were met by a Yew tree. This tree is 1600 years old!! Now that is old!


The interior of the church is traditional and quite magnificent made even more so by the Quilts and crafts draped over ancient pews and hung by stunning stained glass windows. The Quilts were displayed to show the artistic and imaginative work to its best. I must apologise for the photo quality which was due to the reduced lighting (that’s my excuse!)20170623_111147I couldn’t ignore the wonderful Quilted Santa Claus or the many Quilts hanging nearby

20170623_112936This particular quilt was made using vintage lace doilies. Now I know what to do with my doily stash!

20170623_113151This wreath was good food for thought using Tweed, felt and Burlap. It was a super day out, full of inspiration and information. Oh and I must say that the village hall made a great cafe with tasty cakes, yummy sandwiches and good coffee.


Santa in Drag


I recently went to a school Christmas Fayre with Gorgeous Granddaughter who is ten years old. I convinced her to visit Father Christmas as it was a bargain £2 and she would get a gift. Now you’re not going to believe this but Santa was a woman!! OK so She/he spoke in an unconvincingly deep voice but I ask you, surely  they could have found a man to do the job! I was so shocked that I forgot to take a photograph.

To add to the confusion the following day we went to a pantomime where the principal boy was a girl! The ugly sisters were male! The Dame was a chap! And Buttons was a female! What is going on? I’m comfortable with gender reassignment, cross dressing or whatever floats your boat but really!