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Vintage Railway Memorabilia


On my recent trip on the steam train at Llangollen I couldn’t help but be impressed with their random collection of Vintage Memorabilia. I especially liked the collections of vintage suitcases.


There were lots of vintage signs.


I saw highly collectable “posters”( I can’t wait to visit Cornwall again!) Finally, I just had to add this one, cheekily displayed by the gents loo!image




Harris Tweed Treasure


imageHarris Tweed Treasure

Eldest Son called for help this week. Problem was how to cover an old pub stool with a length of Harris Tweed fabric. Harris Tweed is a quality product, beautiful wool fabric, hand woven in Scotland.Gorgeous!

We deliberated, discussed,and finally decided on the best way forward. The stool had been dismantled and the “orange” legs are to be stripped and waxed at a later date. We cut out a large circle of tween and the same of wadding. We eventually decided to run a gathering thread around the edge of the tweed and pull it up over the stool to fit the seat. We were careful to smooth out the sides with no tucks or pleats. The fabric was very pliable but solid and rich. Son then used a powered staple gun to fix the cover onto the seat. Great result!
A disc of fine hessian is to cover the raw edges underneath. Application of the legs, when they are ready, will give a delightful finish to a quality product. Ah well! Only 19 more to go!