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The Indian Terracotta Army?


Don’t you just love these Terracotta horses? We visited the Sanskrit Centre today. It is a museum and arts centre with three museums. The museums are dedicated to Terracotta (or pottery) Everyday art and Textiles. Sadly we could not take pictures of the inside and their beautiful textile display. Also they did not have post cards or photographs of the displays as it would not be in keeping with their philosophy of no commercialism.

There were artists in residence with accommodation available. We saw a potter making these clay horses and I met a photographer who was on a seven week sabbatical. A lovely place to retreat into crafts.

The exhibition of textiles was amazing and inspiring. Another Forget me not sort of a day.

Home Sweet Home



I returned home yesterday to be greeted by a wonderful display of a Clematis by my door. This plant is in a tub as I have a tiny yard. It is blooming marvellous and a lovely greeting home. Whilst I have a tiny outdoor space with my cottage I only need to take twenty steps and I am in the most beautiful countryside of the Clwydian Hills, this is my garden. Below is the view from one of my upstairs windows. Love it!

Damnvan is having a rest (and a thorough clean) before we trundle off again. Got to do the washing, catch up with family and restock the van fridge. We were planning our next trip whilst driving home but not sure of which direction we will be heading yet.


Today I visited a Charity shop to seek out treasures. I found a lovely Ainsley bud vase to add to my ever growing collection of vintage China.


Jugs and Grannies!


imageMincemeat SlicesJugs and Grannies!

I was cleaning (I was, honest!) today when I fell into a nostalgia trip with the vase of daffodils illustrated. The jug was inherited from my maternal Grandmother, a lady that I never met. Her name was Susannah and the mother to seven children. She bought the jug in 1932 and it was her pride and joy. These were hard times and there was no cash for luxuries so the jug must have been a joy.
My Mum was very good at labelling things and thanks to her I now know when the jug was purchased. The label is getting a bit washed up now, but I haven’t got the heart to replace it until it is totally unreadable. It takes pride of place in my home and whilst it’s of little cash value it is irreplaceable to me. I find it wonderful that I still use with pleasure,Susannah’s lovely jug more that 80 years after she bought it.
I am currently suffering an invasion of step grandchildren (You’ve just gotta love them) so have had little time to craft other than knit a couple of hexipuffs! I am home alone today to have a bakeathon in preparation for tomorrow’s Colossal Cake sale in aid of Help for Heroes. More about that tomorrow. Today I have baked mincemeat slices, Fairy cakes and a Victoria sponge. Hopefully friends will turn up with more cake and dish wash hands.