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Yarndale 2015


imageThis weekend I visited Yarndale in Skipton North Yorkshire.This is an annual  festival of creativity, celebrating all things woolly and wonderful!  We were staying in Grassington not too far away, in our Campervan. It seemed like a good idea to go into Skipton on the bus ( very eco friendly etc!). I spent a LOT of time on Saturday waiting for buses but I had a great time!

When I eventually arrived in Skipton there were vintage buses provided especially for Yarndale. The buses were the old “London style” and dressed in knitted bunting. It’s a long time since I travelled on one of these buses!

imageThe buses were named Jean and Joy and were full of women, ladies, girls and two men. The camaraderie was great, the laughter infectious and the excitement palpable. It was a wonderful way to arrive at the festival. And, they were free! I like free! The inside of the buses was decorated with crocheted Mandalas, already getting us into the theme.


Yarndale was held in Skipton Auction Mart which was beautifully decorated for the occasion. There were more than 6000 crocheted triangles organised into a awesome display of bunting. The triangles were created by the readers of Lucy’s blog at http://www.attic24.typepad.com and they came from over 31 countries.


The individual animal pens within the auction mart were converted into shops, seating areas and provided a knit “n” natter lounge, coffee shop and an Oxfam Bag Crèche.
More news from Yarndale tomorrow!

Vintage Fair, Vintage finds


Vintage Fair, Vintage finds

This week Hubs and I were camping in Keswick. The weather has been reasonable allowing us to fit in a few good walks around the fells. It rained heavy one day, and whilst we were trying not to buy outdoor gear in the plethora of outdoor shops,I spied an antique and vintage sale in a local hotel. I slipped in almost un noticed whilst Hubs carried on failing not to buy outdoor gear!
I bought two lovely china tea cups and saucers to add to my collection. I will fill these vintage cups with soya wax candles and sell them at Christmas fairs. I usually sell them easily if I pitch the price right. If I don’t sell them I am happy to use them myself or give as gifts to friends, so it’s a win win.
In Keswick there is a large Oxfam shop which I would normally support. However this shop markets itself as a vintage shop ( not second hand charity shop) The prices are sky high with dresses in the window for £99.99!! I appreciate this is a charity fund raiser, but considering all the items are donated free and staffed mainly by volunteers, I believe they are beyond support. Charity should begin at home and there are many people living in Keswick who could not afford to look in this charity shop window. I know that I have banged this drum before but I feel better for a moan!