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Cheese scones and Gooseberry Jam


Goose Gog JamimageToday I have been so busy playing at being a “good housewife”! I have made Gooseberry jam I’m really getting into jam making. It is so easy. I used gooseberries that were in my freezer which my neighbours girls were selling at their gate this summer. I looked online for the recipe and was amazed when the jam turned a yummy pink colour. The recipe did say that it would but I didn’t believe it! We used to call gooseberries “goose gogs” when I was a child. I think that one of the jars will go back to my neighbour who supplied the berries. I do love giving home made food as gifts.

Whilst the jam was cooking I made a cheese scone ring. How about that for multi tasking? This was a Mary Berry recipe, again found on line ( she’s my current heroine). This scone is destined to be given away as well. This makes it all low calorie I suppose. I’m off to daughters tomorrow, who has guests staying. I am joining them for afternoon tea and thought this scone ring would make a good contribution with some lovely butter. I’ve not tasted it yet so I hope it’s OK.

This is a real baking week as I am organising a Community Cafe in my village on Saturday in aid off Breakthrough For Breast Cancer. This cafe will be from 2pm till 5 pm and we hope to sell lots of cake/tea/coffee for this good cause. Various friends have offered to come to help and most importantly, contribute cake. I currently have Chocolate cake,Victoria sandwich, a variety of sponge buns, and Bara Brith in my freezer. I just need to bake a little more. Maybe another cheese scone ring would be good mmmmm.

I will report back next week after the cafe and let you know how much we make.

Gingerbread and Flat Eden


Gingerbread and Flat Eden

I have been very busy making Gingerbread today as I am away with girlfriends this week end. We take cake with us so that we can indulge in luxury afternoon tea each day. This is a Mary Berry recipe. I love “all in one” cake recipes as they are so easy. This particular one is melted and mixed in a pan before putting into the oven. The final flourish is to stir crystallised ginger into the icing before applying it to the cooled cake. Yummy!

My step Grand daughter has been reading a book in class called ‘Flat Stanley”by Jeff Brown.Flat Stanley is accidentally squished when a bulletin board falls on him. Stanley is very flat but otherwise fine.Because he is flat he can travel in an envelope and goes to California for an adventure. Each pupil has made their own flat person and posted them on adventure. Flat Eden arrived this week and I have been tasked with photographing and recording her adventure with us. I have made a book of Flat Eden’s adventures and will post it back tomorrow. Job done! This picture is of Flat Eden with Benji who really wanted to chew her!