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Job Done!


ANOTHER UFO finished. AKA a finished object.


I did a course at Liberty Bell Chester to make a felt cushion. As I didn’t want to turn it into a cushion I made a craft bag! I really enjoyed the course – it is lovely meeting other crafters, learning new techniques and just having a pure “Me” day.

visit http://www.liberty-bell.co.uk


I chose a contrast lining and inserted a zip into the top. I used a lot of blanket stitch as I adore blanket stitch! The whole bag was made by hand. I find hand sewing therapeutic and relaxing and really enjoyed the process.


I now have a finished bag to carry ANOTHER UFO


The  cat sitting by the tree  is a button. He does have rather a startled look but I have just sewn his bottom to the bag.

Wool Felt Project


This Saturday I treated myself to a workshop at one of my favourite craft shops, Liberty Bell, Chester,www.Liberty-bell.co.uk The project was to make a wool felt cushion with appliqué houses. I had a lovely day which was filled with stitching, chat and endless tea! There was inspiration, knowledge and good fun.
As usual my purse ran away with me! I forgot to take my embroidery silks as I had had such a stressful week before. I therefore had to buy more and I will beg forgiveness from my bank manager. I also decided not to make the proposed cushion but buy a contrast lining and make a work bag.m
Isn’t the contrast fat quarter lovely colours? I think that it is the colours that I like best about crafting. But I do also like the fibres, textiles and touch ability of it all. Oh I mustn’t forget that I also need to buy a zip for the top of the bag. (More money!)
I will post pictures of the finished bag soon-I hope!

Appliquéd Quilt



Confession time…… I have only competed one quilt in my whole life! There! I’ve said it and got it off my chest! This is IT!

I made this quilt at Liberty Bell in Chester. It was a “Block of the month” and I made it about three years ago. I actually worked very hard to finish it for my Mums Christmas present that year (see I work better under pressure). Mum was delighted with the quilt but asked me to take it home as it might get stolen. Not true. She does live in a care home and is paranoid about someone taking her stuff, which they won’t. Anyway I’ve ended up with her gift and love it.


I made this quilt using a lot of appliqué , some embroidery and plenty of patience. It was my first attempt at machine quilting and it shows. The quilt is titled “Autumn House” and is typically American themed with pumpkins, birds and lovely crooked houses. It is backed using a contrasting sprig fabric. I always like to use 100% cotton fabric and threads.

I promise to finish another nearly done quilt this year. It’s probably a good job that I couldn’t start yet another quilt that Liberty Bell are advertising at the moment. I already have other calls on my time but maybe, just maybe. Stay in touch to find out what happens.imageimage

Christmas Angel


imageRaw MaterialsChristmas Angel

I went to an “angel making” workshop this week and here is the end result! She is very cute and wearing a dress made from twelve days of Christmas fabric. She is carrying a Christmas wreath and wearing a very becoming crown. Her twiggy wings set her off perfectly. Best of all I like her curly hair. She maybe could have had a better hairdresser but hey ho! Or is it Ho Ho?
The course was at Liberty Bell in Chester and took all day. Angels don’t get made quickly you know especially when they are wearing red bloomers!

Is it Christmas already?


Today I visited Chester which is my closest city. Chester is actually quite small by city standards but is historic (the Romans built it!), interesting and full of lovely shops. The reason for going was that my favourite craft shop in the whole World had declared the arrival of Christmas! Now I don’t normally acknowledge the presence of Christmas until 1st December, but was curious to find out what was going on.

Sue,the owner, had dressed the shop called Liberty Bell in all the Christmas finery It was covered from floor to ceiling in Christmas ornaments,gifts, crafts and fabrics. It smelt yummy and mince pies were on hand.ImageInterestingly Liberty Bell is situated on what are called “The Rows” These are two storey shops right through Chester the upper storey of which have balconies to walk along. Liberty Bell is located on the upper storey accessed by steep old steps and is an Aladins Cave of crafting treats.

Following our visit to Liberty Bell we visited a themed cafe situated on the Lower Row beneath Liberty Bell. imageThe cafe is based on the TV  series Friends and is called “Cafe on the Perk” Good fun,good coffee and good Parkin (cake)  So perhaps Christmas has come a little early but what a good evening out!Image