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Mother love and Note Books


My friend K knitted this shawl. It’s warm and cuddly with shaped shoulders. You can also fasten the front ties if you wish. My Mum was delighted when I gave it to her. She’s not in the best of health so couldn’t do a “twirl” to take the photo from another angle. The really lovely thing was her smile when she cuddled into the shawl.


I have also been dabbling in making note books. My first attempt, the prototype has a green suede cover which is great.


My second attempt has a woollen cloth cover which was a free sample.I have used recycled papers for the inserts and the tie ribbon was cut from inside a sweater ( those that always annoy and show at the shoulders.) The button fasten was free on a craft magazine! So no cost.  I hope that by the third attempt I will be a note book know it all!

image image