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Autumn in the Clwydian Hills


Where I live Autumn has arrived! I do enjoy the different seasons and living in the Welsh countryside means I really notice how the year changes. At the moment the farmers are, well, farming! The stock is being moved, the sheep are shorn, the fields are being worked and the hay is in. Hens are laying ( eggs are always for sale at the farm gates). Vegetables are still cropping and being sold at bargain prices. The hedgerows are full of blackberries and my freezer is full of gooseberries and plums waiting to become jam.



So for now, smile a while see you soon!



Coniston Hall, Cumbria


We areĀ imageimageaway in Damnvan1 for a few days. We decided to head to the Lake District, Cumbria as it is beautiful any time of the year but particularly in the Autumn. We have not been disappointed! The colours are gorgeous and the weather is cold and crisp. We stayed in Windermere for the first night which wasn’t long enough. This gives us the perfect excuse to return at some time! We have spent two nights in Coniston and tomorrow we move on to Keswick. Life is good and I am fulfilling my mantra “adventure before dementia!”

In Coniston we had a walk down into the village and back along the lake to our campsite. En route we passed Coniston Hall. This is in the ownership of the National Trust but it isn’t open to visitors. It is a Medieval Hall built in or before the late 16th Century. A looooong time ago so remarkable that it still stands. It is currently part farm house, part sailing club and part ruin. I particularly like the grassed ramp leading up to the hall entrance. I suspect that this was for the animals to enter the property in Medieval times. I do know that it was common practice for the animals to live on the ground floor whilst the family and workers lived above them. The animals provided warmth for the people in the cold winter months and believe me it can get cold around here! An impressive building standing on Coniston Lake shore.

Watch this space for more information on my Blogger of the Month award!