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American Sour Dough Bread (attempt)


Risen dough


Fresh from the oven


Sliced Bread

A friend gave me an American sour dough culture last week. I have nurtured this “living being” with much love and great care. I have fed it with specially purchased bread flour and stirred it carefully as instructed. Yesterday was THE day and I made the loaf. I left it to prove overnight when it rose so much it nearly took over the kitchen! OK I am prone to a little exaggeration!

Today a kneeded the thing again and left it to prove for a second time. Now at this point I should have been worried as it didn’t re-rise. I eventually put it into the oven at the correct temperature, I think. In due course I removed the baked loaf and it looked lovely if a little flat…..

The real problem started when I tried to cut the beast. I needed a hacksaw! I did taste it but was in fear of expensive dental treatment. It would make a great frisbee, or a weight for excercising, or a stone for my rock garden but not such a great sandwich. Ah well! I tried! Oops! I’ve just blocked the drain with the remaining culture! Help!!!!