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A Girly Weekend


ImageGrandaughter by an intriguing carved tree trunk in the grounds of Plassey Coffee Shop

This week-end I decided to take Damnvan1 away for an “airing”. I’ve missed being away a with her and didn’t want her to feel neglected and get a flat battery. As it was something of a special weekend, because my Grandaughter was visiting AND it’s her birthday this week, I decided to take Grandaughter away for a mini break. 

We went to a caravan park called  Plassey Leisure Park which was perfect for the occasion. Not too far away,children orientated and somewhere close by to eat out. We also went swimming in the (indoor!) pool which was great fun. I had an all time first for me. We sat in bed,in our sleeping bags, eating crisps and breakfast, watching a Disney DVD all Sunday morning. Fab! Children sure know how to enjoy themselves.

Damnvan1 was very well behaved as was Grandaughter. All three of us had a good time and enjoyed some Girly bonding. The weather was lovely,the location great and the break just right.