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Christmas Cruise!


IMG_1434Hubs and I are prone to making spontaneous decisions, or should I say jumping in with both feet! It certainly keeps life interesting. Our latest instant idea was to book a cruise. It goes on Sunday to the Caribbean. Whoo Hoo! We don’t get back until 6am Christmas Day!  Guess who’s not cooking Christmas dinner? Hooray.

I have had seven days to:

1 Write, post and deliver Christmas cards.

2 Buy gifts for the family

3 complete hand crafted gifts

4 Pack

5 Buy any clothes needed ( always a good excuse!)

6 re pack to check what I have packed.

7 Book car parking

8 Apply for Visa

9 Buy all Christmas food and freeze so that we can actually eat. ( maybe after two weeks cruise food that won’t be an issue!)

10 collect currency

11 Have hair done. Nails. Check packing……..

12 Happy days!

Most importantly what craft project shall I take with me?

Knitting moan.


I’m still “dust busting” It’s amazing how having friends to dinner can motivate you to clean your house! That and the dusty remains of a new boiler installation. But even better news! I’ve finally got back to working on my own projects! Maybe I will even finish something.

IMG_1326I was traumatised to find an error on my Miriam pattern from Quince and co. It was only when I reached all the way to the sleeve insertion that I realised the error. The pattern instructions shape at the “sides” as this is knit in one piece. However whilst it does state 4 sts dec’d the instructions only decrease by 2 stitches. When I enquired I was just informed that I must be using an earlier edition of the pattern and subsequent editions had been amended. Well I don’t think that is good enough. Patterns should be fully tested before publishing. I have had to pull back hours of work which is so demoralising. Still lesson learned….. don’t buy un checked patterns from the Internet!

A Very Special Christmas


Each year I go away, twice a year, for a long weekend with four girl friends. We have been doing this for nearly twenty years so have the formula right. This November we decided to have our very own, very early Christmas. We arrived at a beautiful cottage in Gloucestershire yesterday (Friday) which we proclaimed as Christmas Eve. We had a Christmas Eve buffet with generous glasses of Prosecco.


Today, Saturday, we had Christmas Day. Father Christmas had left stockings filled with gifts. We had a log fire and lunch in a garden centre in Hay on Wye. ( which amazingly was open on our Christmas Day). The wearing of Christmas sweater was compulsory, which did cause some funny looks in the garden centre.


The Turkey is in the oven and we will open our other presents around the table tonight whilst wearing Father Christmas hats.


Accompanied by more Prosecco we watched the truly Vintage film White Chritmas staring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye filmed in 1954.


A lovely Christmas Day. Roll on New Years Eve tomorrow (Sunday).