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Campervan to bed


We have finally put Damnvan to bed after spending seventy nights away this Summer. It has been so good.

We visited Devon and Cornwall


There was a trip to Scaborough Sea Life centre with Gorgeous Grand daughter


There was a break with Darling Daughter and Grandson to the Isle of Angleseyimage


We walked up mountains


And along coastsimage

We flew kites and paddled in the sea. There was the Lovely Lake District, interesting Buxton and fabulous Yarndale. All in all a great summer. As the nights get longer and the days colder we tuck Damnvan up for the Winter and make plans for next year. Let’s hope that we can beat the seventy night record!


WIFI less and Nepal


I can’t believe how much I’ve missed the Internet these last few days! How amazing that someone of my generation, at my age, on my pension is so hooked on to the internet! How life has changed this past half a century!!

Hubs and I have travelled down to Devon in Damnvan1 ( I love that van!). Journey down was good and campsite fantastic with amazing views. Just no WIFI.

We walked into Woolacombe along the Coastal Path which was lovely and just far enough. We caught the bus back.-lazy! No craft shops or charity shops here. Just surf shops and surf doods. Lots of surfing going on and I would have loved to have a go! A few problems there:

1) no swimsuit.

2) no surf board

3) no wet suit and

4) no idea how.

Well I just can’t imagine myself getting into a wet suit anyway!!

Yesterday it was WINDY gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. Benji dog was delighted that he had to join us in the van overnight whilst his kennel tent took a battering. But tent is now repaired so he’s very sad that he has to go back, but only at night.

We were very lazy yesterday as the weather was so bad that watched too much TV. Still no WIFI! It did give me the opportunity to finish my Nepal scarf. You remember! The scarf that was a secret Christmas present for my darling daughter? I am now sending it to Nepal as their need is so much greater. I just need to darn the ends in and find a pattern to knit mittens to go with it- and/or a hat.


We have travelled further south to Tintagel Cornwall and this is the scrummy view  from Damnvan1 Isn’t it lovely? AND the sun is shining. More about Cornwall later.


Back to reality (Whatever that is!)


Let me start by apologising to anyone who follows this blog because of its so called craft, vintage content! It’s not easy to be very creative in a campervan and we’ve no space for many vintage finds. Damnvan1, Hubs, Benji and I have arrived back home after three glorious weeks in Devon and Cornwall. The washing is done and Damnvan1 put to bed in the barn, for now.
The picture is of my new work in progress. I vow that it will not remain unfinished for long as I am prone to do. There WILL be a picture of the finished project next week.

Since returning I have been overwhelmed with the desire to Spring clean. This doesn’t happen too often fortunately. This morning I decided to wash some embroidered cushion covers that I had bought from IKEA some time ago. I forgot that they are feather filled and when I took the covers off there was a feather storm all over my recently cleaned lounge. Still it was clean mess not like the mess from black leading the fire stove yesterday. Happy days!gallery]

By the way does anyone know how to remove black mould from vintage linen and indeed can you remove it?

Walking to Ilfracombe


Walking to Ilfracombe

We decided to walk into Ilfracombe on a lovely sunny day. After we had negotiated a narrow, busy lane from the camp site in Damage Barton, we joined the cycle route C27 into Ilfracombe. This was along a disused railway line, tarmaced,and fairly flat. (Thank you Dr Beeching!) Benji so enjoyed the walk of about 5 miles. The wild flowers were stunning and the scenery delightful. I did wonder how lovely the rail journey would have been had the rail service remained open

Dr Beeching produced a government report in 1963 which resulted in the closure of most if not all, of the rural railways and stations in Great Britain. There is great debate as to the wisdom of this but the infrastructure of that time did not support the modernisation from steam to electric. Come back steam I say!!
I must add that I did cheat and get the bus back!

World War One in Damage Barton


World War One in Damage Barton

We travelled down to Devon in Damnvan1 to spend a few weeks exploring Devon and Cornwall. Yippee !!
Our first stop was to be in North Devon on a fantastic Caravan Club site called Damage Barton (what a great name!) the site was really good. When we arrived the first thing we did was to attend a coffee morning at the farm house. A beautiful house in an idyllic spot. They were raising funds for a local church flower festival. The money was to arrange a flower display for every local fallen soldier in the Great War. As this was the 6th June it was very thoughtful and sad. It was also such a nice thought that these young men and boys were to be remembered probably long after their families have also passed on, in such a beautiful way. Lest we forget….