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Postcards and Blogs


ImageI s not the variety that I send to grandchildren!Imageaw the Glow worm card on Blackpool pier! This is not the Image

Well, great joy! This morning I realised that I now have 50 yes fifty that’s a 5 and an o followers! Now I realise that in cyber terms that is nothing but in my terms that’s fantastic! I enjoy this blogging stuff and really do feel connected with the World.

Thank you to everyone who drops by my blog.

When my first Grandchild was born I realised that she would be a modern girl and grow up in an internet society so to maintain a contact and to balance life out a little I started sending her postcards via Royal Mail. I now have three grandchildren and every time I go away, whether for a long time or a day out I send each of them a postcard. I always send a local view,date them and say a little of who I am with and what I am doing..I bought nice boxes and encouraged them to keep them. I hope that in the future when they are as vintage as me these cards will provided something of a social history of me. Hopefully they may remember me as well!