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Bobbins and Christmas Trees



On a recent trip to Chester I visited the Grosvenor Arcade, which is a beautiful shopping centre. I suppose an original “mall”! The Christmas decorations are beautiful, extravagant and in keeping with such an iconic setting. Sadly the shops are very upmarket and my budget didn’t stretch to the Three carat diamonds!

Another shopping trip involved taking my Mum to a local garden centre. This was also decorated in a festive display of consumerism. Here I also resisted buying the Christmas baubles due to the inflated prices. Bah Humbug! Mum spotted the HUGE cotton Bobbins which were disguising the industrial pillars. Clever, as they were positioned in the craft centre. Mum thought that they would provide a good photo opportunity.


Milking It


I went out for coffee with a friend last week to one of our favourite haunts. This is Lady Heyes Craft and Antique Centre Frodsham, Cheshire. It is a huge venue with multiple craft and antique mini outlets- perfect!
We really only went for coffee but managed to squeeze an hour browsing one of the antique emporiums. If I visited here every week I would always discover some “treasure”. This time one of my treasures was a “milk jug doiley”. These were made with beads around the edge so that they would wait the cover over the milk jug and stop any flies getting at the milk. A jolly good idea before the advent of fridges.
I remember my Grandmother AKA Nanna using one of these. OK I am fairly mature AKA old(!)but fridges were not the norm in the UK until the 1960’s so that’s my excuse.
Anyhow I enjoyed my wallow in nostalgia and the milk jug doiley currently enjoys pride of place on my kitchen windowsill.