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Rambling and Ambling


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As I have mentioned previously Hubs has a new knee. He is doing extremely well, thankfully. Hubs is/was the main dog walker in our family so the worry was Who will walk Benji? All I can say is I HAVE NEVER WALKED SO FAR EVERY DAY!

Friends and neighbours have been wonderful and Benji has not lacked a willing walker. Today was a cold, blue sky sort of a day. I took the hound out just after dawn. A friend came after breakfast and took him a few miles up the hill and back. We then decided that Hubs could do with a flat walk to try the new knee so we went to walk along the front in Colwyn Bay. Benji loves the beach but mainly walks between us, he’s a star. This could have been because he was tired from the multiple walks. I MUST be getting fitter.

When we got home Hubs lit the fire, dog claimed his rightful place and I took out my knitting. Bliss.