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In Search of snow(boots)


Why have I never quite got the right items? As I’m off to Norway I need some snow boots. I’ve got ankle boots, hiking boots, Knee high boots, fashion boots but no snow boots. You would think that living in the Welsh hills I would have snow boots but we don’t get a lot of snow. Most years there’s a few weeks of light snow although one year I was snowed in. High drama as along came a power cut( no heat) and Hubs was away. I rallied the troops(aka neighbours) who dug my car out and I heated soup on our log burning stove. I also quilted all day so was snug under the lush and cozy quilt! You see every cloud and all that!

img_0896By the way! The wreath on the mirror above was made by yours truly. I used a wire coat hanger and plastic sandwich bags. Easy Peasy!

As the year draws to an end I will continue my hunt for snow boots. 2017 and adventures beckon!



Christmas Angel


imageRaw MaterialsChristmas Angel

I went to an “angel making” workshop this week and here is the end result! She is very cute and wearing a dress made from twelve days of Christmas fabric. She is carrying a Christmas wreath and wearing a very becoming crown. Her twiggy wings set her off perfectly. Best of all I like her curly hair. She maybe could have had a better hairdresser but hey ho! Or is it Ho Ho?
The course was at Liberty Bell in Chester and took all day. Angels don’t get made quickly you know especially when they are wearing red bloomers!