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Is it Christmas already?


Today I visited Chester which is my closest city. Chester is actually quite small by city standards but is historic (the Romans built it!), interesting and full of lovely shops. The reason for going was that my favourite craft shop in the whole World had declared the arrival of Christmas! Now I don’t normally acknowledge the presence of Christmas until 1st December, but was curious to find out what was going on.

Sue,the owner, had dressed the shop called Liberty Bell in all the Christmas finery It was covered from floor to ceiling in Christmas ornaments,gifts, crafts and fabrics. It smelt yummy and mince pies were on hand.ImageInterestingly Liberty Bell is situated on what are called “The Rows” These are two storey shops right through Chester the upper storey of which have balconies to walk along. Liberty Bell is located on the upper storey accessed by steep old steps and is an Aladins Cave of crafting treats.

Following our visit to Liberty Bell we visited a themed cafe situated on the Lower Row beneath Liberty Bell. imageThe cafe is based on the TV  series Friends and is called “Cafe on the Perk” Good fun,good coffee and good Parkin (cake)  So perhaps Christmas has come a little early but what a good evening out!Image