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A Busy Life.


Ive just started reading a book called Enchanted Britain with the sub title Mystical Sites in Rural England Scotland and Wales by Marc Alexander. The reason being that there is a facination with standing stones and long forgotten history. I’m searching for a definitive list of Neolithic structures, burial chambers and stone circles in Britain. I think that this would/will make an interesting project and maybe I can visit any of these structures, oh and castles! Any top tips will be gratefully received.

imageI’m pressing on with my current knitting project as I am going to visit Woolfest in Cockermouth Cumbria in a couple of weeks. I want to be organised so that I can max out my yarn purchases, new craft projects and knitting know how. Whilst I am there I hope to visit Castlerigg stone circle once again.

imageSuch a busy, wonderful, happy life!

Castles and Comics


image image image imageOn our trip last week to Bonnie Scotland we say many derelict castles. We visited Culzean castle, situated on a promontory along the Ayrshire coast. I am sure that the scenic coastline is stunning but we couldn’t see much due to the mist rolling in.

We passed Kennedy castle which is a grand pile of stones. I was particularly interested to visit Culzean castle as it was the stronghold of the Kennedy clan. My maiden name was Kennedy so I spent a long time daydreaming that they would discover that I was the long lost Kennedy relative set to inherit this beautiful castle. Sadly it was not to be! I did have a lovely day though.

I mentioned comics. We also visited Wigtown, awarded “Scotland’s book town” title. I must say that I was disappointed as I expected it to be like Hay on Wye, not nearly so good! However, I did find a pack of six Eagle comics from 1991. My daughter wants to cover a table with decoupage using Super Heroes comic strips. I’m not sure that I bought the right Super Heroes but it was good fun reading the comics. Flash back blues to when my sons were young and into Super Heroes.

Scotland a Land of Mist and Castles


I’m sorry not to have blogged for some time but I have just returned from a trip to Scotland.  A land full of castles frequently shrouded in mist. We had a great time and hope that my internal batteries have re charged!

There was an absence of shopping opportunities but I managed to track down a few charity shops! imageWhen my first Grandchild was born nine years ago I realised that she would be a child of the internet. I decide that everywhere I went I would send her a postcard. I love the written word and worry that modern children will use it less and less. Indeed postcards are getting less and less available as I suppose their days are numbered!

I now have three grandchildren so that means three postcards. I send them even when I go on a day out somewhere. I always date them and say something about who I am with or the place that I am staying. I purchased special boxes for each child to store their cards in. I hope that some time in the distant future these cards will provide a social history of myself and I will be remembered through my travels.