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Blocking vs Pressing


imageimageBlocking vs Pressing

I returned to one of my UFOs, an Alpaca cardigan that I started a age ago. The reason for the abrupt halt was that I had to “flatten” out my attempt at fair isle. I hadn’t done any fair isle for many years and had knit the squares a little tight so that they puckered somewhat. I announced in a previous blog that I intended to press the garment pieces. Everyone threw up their hands in horror and said that I would flatten it out too much. The advice was to block the pieces before sewing together and completing.
I have just blocked as advised and it works! I was told to use a heavy ( bath sized) towel which was very damp but not wet through. I opened up the towel on my ironing board and pinned out the knitting to size onto it. I then folded over the knitting the heavier part of the damp towel. I left it overnight and voila! Knitting flat but not too flat or flattened.
All I have to do now is sew together and knit the bands etc not much!

Sorry I seem to have got in a photo mess!