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Button Up


People  really are nice! As part of my “Craft Cruising” prep I need lots of white/pearl buttons to use as embellishment on a couple of the projects. I sent out a generic email to some of my friends asking if they had any suitable buttons that they didn’t want. What a great response! White buttons have arrived nearly every day. They were posted through my letter box! They were handed to me in the pub! A friend posted some attached to a card! Some were handed over when I went out for dinner! One kind friend handed over her button box for me to check out!

It really does restore my faith in kindness and simple generosity. Friends have raided their button boxes galore.Where craft work is concerned there is always a sharing, not only of ideas but supplies and stash. It’s a wonderful world! Thank you dear friends for sharing, helping and friendship.

img_0878By the way, the cruise programme is now complete and sent off to the cruise company. The sample projects are nearly all done and we just have to go to a sale on Thursday and purchase lots of Liberty fabrics. Great fun! The actual cruise that I will be teaching on is in January when I am off to Norway! Yippee! Actually I have quite a few more trips to fit in before then!  Watch this space and I will tell you all about it.



Job Done


Hoorah! A UFO finished. I like this summer top that I have just finished. The colour is dull but will soon be lifted with trousers, shorts or even hot pants! Whoo! I don’t think so! I wore hot pants in the 60’s and don’t think they work the second time around. Well that’s my excuse!

I will post a picture of me wearing the finished top when I am brave enough to wear it!



The yarn was really good to work with and knit up quite fast. I’d bought it on Bury Market about two years ago. Not only a UFO complete but a stash buster as well. Ok so now I need to replenish my stash which is always an excuse to shop


Woolfest purchases


I must be honest with you dear friends! I was very restrained over the number of purchases that I made on my recent trip to Woolfest 2016 in Cockermouth. Now those of you who know me will realise how remarkable this fact is! Oh yes, I squished loads of yarn, felt lots of wool and admired a rainbow of colours. But I only bought ONE new project!


imageI couldn’t resist this beautiful Mohair and Wensleydale blend of yarn. It is a 4ply yarn sold by Whistlebare and marketed as”Reared in Northumberland, Spun in Yorkshire, Dyed by hand” The yarn was from http://www.whistlebare.co.uk I can’t wait to get it on the needles.

imageI also bought some devine heart shaped buttons to finish off my current project. I am knitting the button band and loving the lacy effect. I’m normally nervous of knitting holes but this band is good therapy! The buttons were from http://www.textilegarden.com

Hopefully this garment will soon be finished and ready to show you so watch this blog!

Stash Sort Started


I have a huge stash of lace, buttons, threads and trims. I have rather a lot of ribbons which I have collected over many years. All those ribbons in the shoulders of dresses and sweaters that are meant to hook onto coat hangers but are so annoying. I have cut them out and just know that they will be really useful one day!

I also have a massive pile of postcards that I have collected on my extensive travels. I used some (not important) postcards to wind ribbon and lace onto in some resemblance of order. The question now is what to do with the remaining cards?


Finished At Last!



At last I have finished Mum’s Christmas present! It is a wrap / shawl / keep warm thingy! I can’t imagine why I have only finished this gift the day before Christmas. I have had it finished for ages so there is no excuse. It seems a lot bigger than I thought but it is a “U” shaped snugly wrap. I’m sorry that the photos don’t do it justice as the yarn is a lovely royal blue with a silver fleck. The buttons are for show only but I splashed out on luxury ones from John Lewis. Overall I’m very pleased with it. Mum complains of draughts on her neck so it should keep her snug. I’m not sure that she will wear it but I don’t mind! Every stitch was knitted with love so you can’t get a better.

If I can I will try to get a better picture of her wearing it after Christmas. By the way the yarn is  Bergere Eclair, as is the pattern The pattern says 8 balls of yarn but I only used 6 of them as did a friend, so be careful not to over buy as it is quite expensive. Maybe someone will be getting a hat or scarf in the remaining wool next year!

Button Box



I always thought every adult women owned a Button Box AKA Button stash! I am amazed to learn that even my own sister does/did not own a button stash! How amazing is that? I did a straw poll of some of the carers in Mums home and quickly realised that I am in the minority treasuring a large collection of odd buttons and stuff. I am totally disillusioned but have quickly rectified the situation with the previously mentioned sister. I have shared my stash with her! How good am I! Our stashes consist of a lifetime collection of buttons and odd notions. There are buttons our Mum sewed on my childrens knitted jumpers that I cut off before giving away! There are buttons I removed from old cardigans and coats before sending to jumble sales ( you never hear of jumble sales now do you?) There are buttons that I purchased from craft shops just because I could and there are buttons that previously belonged to our Mum. In fact I used to remove zips to re use before junking skirts etc. how cool is that? I must say that I now feel very kind and holy to have ensured that my sister will have a button stash for the rest of her life. Sibling love!!

I have included a picture of earrings days 13,14,15,16,17and 18. The red rectangles are made from paper. The purple tear drops are made from coconut wood from Australia and the black and silver baubles are Cloisonné from China.