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Bos Castle Walk



We walked along the Cornish Coastal Path to Bos Castle today. This is the second time that we have walked this path and I was 15 minutes quicker today so fitness must be improving. It is not a particularly difficult path but has some very steep steps to negotiate, so I feel fairly smug with myself.

There’s more to Boscastle than a picturesque natural harbour and village.

The Elizabethan quay sits in an impressive amphitheatre of steep cliffs and is home to quaint stone-built cottages, shops and  tea-rooms.

Much of the land in and around Boscastle is owned by the National Trust. Venture beyond the picture-postcard harbour and a cliff path takes you to the Willapark headland and an intriguing ex-folly, now used as a Coastwatch lookout.

Nearby walks around Forrabury Stitches offer a rare glimpse at a surviving farmed landscape showing ancient celtic strip fields. If you wander further afield, you’ll discover the half-forgotten churches of Minster and St Juliots – once made famous by Thomas Hardy.

There is a definite lack of craft shops in this area. Indeed there are many titled “craft” but seem to involve Witchcraft, fairies, magic and King Arthur. My idea of “craft” involves yarn, fabric and hand made items (should I say hand crafted?)

on this note it is for me to say a very smug CHEERS!


Bos Castle Cornwall


imageBos Castle Cornwall

Today was sunny,hot and positively tropical. Hubs decided to walk along the Coastal Path to Bos Castle and I drove in Damnvan1 to meet him for lunch. I guess I got the better deal.
Bos Castle is a picturesque Cornish village with a natural harbour and a medieval past. Many of you may remember the flood of ten years ago which rushed through the steep sided valley,engulfing the village within minutes. It is good to see it today beautifully restored to its former self. All that I noticed was flood markers at the TOP of the cottages
No crafts today. Most of the so called craft shops appear to be full of fairies, wizards and crystals. Not my cup of tea but I guess it’s a modern nod to the areas medieval past. The legend of King Arthur is said to have originated in this area.
Moving on tomorrow to Newquay so not sure if I will have Internet. Watch this space.