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Spring, Crafting and countryside.


I finally looked inside the box that my new sewing machine came in and WOW there WAS a sewing machine in there! I’ve still not tried it out as I have been busy turning our spare room into a craft room. As I mentioned in a previous post Hubs did not want to do this but I used all my feminine wiles and we’re on the way to a craft room. Whey Hey! I have to say I did compromise proving negotiation and discussion do work.( Well I did most of the so called discussion)

I have nearly dismantled the hated futon and an urgent trip to the tip will sort the rest out. I have also been keenly scanning the Ikea web site for a suitable desk and even a chair.This room is going to become a hive of creativity and I might even use my new sewing machine.20170325_074141Early this morning I took Benji for a walk in our beautiful countryside. It was incredibly noisy with the dawn chorus of birds whipping up a tune and sheep and their lambs being moved to another field. Who ever said that the countryside was peaceful?How has your week been?

Jars and Bottles


Jars and Bottles

We are currently camped on the Bolton Abbey Estate in the Yorkshire Dales. A beautiful site in a lovely location. We are surrounded by “nature” and despite the rain, we were awakened by the most amazing dawn chorus. I have minimal knowledge of birds but we certainly heard Cuckoos, Robins, Woodpeckers, and saw ducks, Pied Wagtails and Swallows to name a few. We have also seen rabbits, and amazingly, a small deer!
We walked in the rain today but the scenery was still lovely. We stopped for a cup of tea (and cake) at a delightful cafe at Strid Wood. Whilst enjoying the cake I noticed some Ranunculus flowers displayed in hanging bottles and Kilner jars. The bottles were hung within the window frame using wire, which was nearly invisible, with one or two flowers in each bottle. This was a great use of old bottles and re cycled jars and looked great.