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My Vintage Dressing Table


My Vintage Dressing Table

This is my vintage dressing table. My parents bought it for me in the 1950’s and I felt ever so grown up. It has had various reincarnations over many years. The curtains have been replaced altering the colour scheme as fashion changed. It currently stands in my guest bedroom and I think is very cute. It is a kidney shape with the curtains hiding two deep drawers. There is a glass top and triple mirrors. The mirrors angle in various directions which enabled me to check the back of my back combed “bee hive” in the late 60’s.Because we have been re painting this room the table has enjoyed a re fresh with newly laundered curtains and polished glass. The dressing table is in perfect condition, but probably not worth a lot of money. I wouldn’t sell it for the world as I have admired my changing image in the mirror for far too long!
I’ll hopefully be back to blogging about crafts next time I’m here. I have been very busy crafting and even busier dreaming of what to do.